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Solve MOV Incompatibility Problem: Convert MOV to MP4

MOV, as a video format that’s of both personal and business use, is more than popular with users in many industry because of its higher video quality. The source devices of recording MOV can vary a lot from iPhone, DJI drones to commonly seen DSLR cameras. Or we can say that as long as you record videos in your daily life, it’s possible that there is MOV in your video files. However, many users also find the biggest disadvantage of such video: incompatibility.

Maybe for Mac users, they will confront with such problem less frequently compared with those who are using Windows operating system. But, things are not as easy as we might think. When you try to play MOV files on media player such as QuickTime, a player dedicated for Mac, MOV can’t play error may occur from time to time as well. The reasons behind might be different from one to another. It can be because your QuickTime is outdated or the target MOV file is corrupted, etc. Let alone Windows users.

Why MOV seems always incompatible on Windows

For many people they do not think that the problem can be the incompatibility of MOV, because the list of formats that are supported by Windows clearly shows that MOV is one of them. Actually, we are not saying that MOV cannot be played on Windows all the time, but such error indeed will appear on a relatively frequent basis.

Why? First, there exist many video and audio tracks in MOV file, so once your Windows system cannot handle any of them, MOV can’t play error will pop us. Also, as newer codec is added to such video, things just become worse. Second, higher resolution of MOV results in larger file size, which is a potential cause for choppy or lagging MOV video playback.

Moreover, nowadays people are usually recording videos for editing and sharing on social media sites like YouTube. Incompatibility of MOV will also be a barrier before you try to import it to video editors. In addition, it’s a lengthy wait before the huge MOV file is successfully posted on social services.

How to conquer MOV incompatibility problem

A lot of MOV users complain that they have trouble with clearing malware after downloading a third party codec pack, and some online tools are not capable enough to handle such a big MOV file. Also, it’s annoying to switch between different media players to check whether the real problem is about MOV file itself. Taking these elements into consideration, we’d better to resort to a professional video converting software, because after conversion to a more compatible format, audio, video or other parts of MOV file will not be troubled with incompatibility problem. Among so many video formats, MP4 might be the best option, as it is compatible under most circumstances.

WinX Video Converter is recommended in this case, for it can not only convert MOV video, but also compress it by a large scale. Check the specific conversion tutorial below to see how to convert MOV to MP4:

Step 1: Click on the “+Video” icon to load MOV files. You can also load several of them at one time.

Step 2: Choose MP4 as the target output format after there is an “Output Profiles” window above the main UI of the software. Select “MP4 Video”, then simply click “OK”.

Step 3: Download the main interface, there is a browse button for you to select a destination folder. And tap on “RUN” to convert your problematic MOV file to MP4.

Meanwhile, WinX Video Converter provides hundreds of other inputs and outputs options, which can meet almost all you need concerning video format conversion.

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