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Tech Felts – A Deep Dive into Photo Recovery, Mastering WhatsApp Tricks and Further

Welcome to Tech Felts, one place where you can see behind what being digitally knowledgeable means. It is a complete guide on where we will venture into instigative worlds of photo recovery, WhatsApp tricks, and various tips that are adapted towards increasing your technological intelligence. Technology is everywhere, from dusting off old memories to discovering the untapped power of your go-to messaging app, and let’s dive into our inventory and embrace its potential.

Section 1 The Art of Photo Recovery:-

The Significance of Photo Recovery:

Our devices nowadays have become the sources of those memories that are more precious to us as they help record moments that can never restored. The loss of these memories can be heart-wrenching, all the more so if this happens inadvertently. Step into the world of photo recovery, where magic technology can used to save you.

Choosing the Right Photo Recovery Tool:

There are various software applications available for photo recovery of lost photos. Lists of top contenders include EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, PhotoRec, Disk Drill, and Wondershare Recover It. Get to familiarize yourself with their features, user interfaces, and success rates and compare them before choosing the tool that will be stylish and suitable for you.

Step-by-Step Guide to Photo Recovery

  • Start with identifying a dependable photo recovery software.
  • Connect your device to a computer and start the recovery tool.
  • Select the drive or device to be targeted and start scanning.
  • Preview the available recoverable files and choose which one you want to restore.
  • When you recover the lost photos, save them in a safe place to prevent the loss of required data.

Advanced Photo Recovery Techniques:

  • RAW Recovery: Certain tools provide RAW recovery for specific file formats to ensure a better and total recuperation process.
  • Deep Scan: Increase deep scanning alternatives as they conduct a more detailed search, typically when trying to retrieve oppressively damaged storage.

Tips for Preventing Data Loss:

  • Make sure to back up your photos in sites of cloud services, similar to Google Drive, regularly.
  • Always be careful with third-party apps and whenever deleting files, even in other gallery apps that don’t have a proper recycle bin.
  • Use devices that store information outside to have other options on how you can shift.

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Section 2 Mastering WhatsApp Tricks:-

Unveiling retired Features:

WhatsApp is nothing but a messaging application. There is further to it than what meets the eye. Read on to learn about its retired features that will help change the path you send messages.

  • Custom Notifications: Set individual notification tones for different contact persons so it becomes easy to know who’s calling without looking at the number before answering.
  • Formatting Tricks: Make your messages more burning and accentuated using bold, italics, or strikethrough text.
  • Hide Last Seen: First, you can control your privacy settings by altering the quantity of the “Last Seen” status visible.

Group Chat Hacks:

  • Mute patient Groups: Avoid the constant whirlwind of bustling group chats by disabling them temporarily or for good.
  • Custom Wallpaper: Change the way your group chats look by setting custom wallpapers so they will individualize.

Security and Privacy Measures

  • Two-Step Verification: Make your WhatsApp account more secure by activating two-step verification within the application settings.
  • Hide Media from Gallery: Automatically save to your device’s gallery – protect your media files.

Section 3 Tech Tips Galore:-

Maximizing Battery Life:

  • Good battery management of your device is also essential to ensure that your actions are not interrupted by low power in the process.
  • Optimize Background Apps judiciously to close all gratuitous background apps so as not to use up the battery power.
  • Lower Screen Brightness Remember to set the brightness of your screen at a comfortable level for energy conservation.

Boosting Device Performance

  • Make your device perform well through these performance-enhanced suggestions.
  • Clear Cache Regularly: Cached data, after some time, can cause your device to run slow. It is recommended that you make it a habit to clean cache cookies and ensure optimum performance.
  • Update Software Make sure your device is updated with the rearmost software for patients to enjoy better performance and security.

Enhancing Internet Speed:

  • A high-speed internet connection is essential to smooth digital engagements.
  • Switch to 5 GHz Wi-Fi: If your router is suitably enabled, transfer to a faster 5 GHz band for advanced internet speeds.
  • Close Unused Tabs: Open browser tabs may devour bandwidth when multiple opened. Close tips that aren’t necessary to optimize the internet working capability.

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Accessing Processing of Tech felts website:-

In normal circumstances, accessing a website takes the utilization of an internet browser to locate the URL directory. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to access the Tech Felts website

Using a Web Browser:

  • Open Your Preferred Web Browser
  • Open Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge browser that’s possible accessibility for users.

Enter the Website’s URL:

  • In the address bar of a web browser, key in the URL of the Tech Felts website. For example, 205 Pearl St, New York, or www.techfelts.com in case the address isn’t available for particularity).
  • Then press Enter

Wait for the Website to Load:

The browser will access the server where Tech Felts is hosted and download the websites. It can be anywhere between many seconds, depending on internet connectivity.

Explore the Website

While the website isn’t loading entirely, you can request an order in the “Facebook” group and pay with the SagePay popup window. Then, once the website is fully loaded, you can view it by clicking on its pages via links or buttons; alternatively, FairCom’s new navigation menu.

Mobile Access:-

Accessing from a Mobile Device:

  • However, flip your phone sideways to open your mobile web browser( or use the devoted app), and most essentially, turn on image saving. You’re using a smartphone or tablet.
  • Enter the URL
  • Enter the URL for Tech Felts website into the address bar.
  • Tap Go or Enter
  • Press the Go or Enter button on your mobile keyboard to navigate this website.

Explore Responsively

The website should be designed as responsive, meaning that its layout will adjust itself to the screen sizes of different devices. Use the touch functionality to find out what’s inside.

Troubleshooting Tips:-

Check the URL:

Make sure that the address of your website is entered correctly. Errors are possible, but they occur only in cases when the typeset has errors from misspellings or incorrect URLs.

Internet Connection:

Turn on your internet connection to be on. However, if you’re facing connection issues, then you need to check your internet connection. Also, Clear Browser Cache

Update Browser

Make sure you use an ultramodern web browser. Old browsers might not display sites accurately.

What’s Tech Felts?

Tech Felts is a website with issues, suggestions, and tricks of technology in different sectors, including photo recovery processes upon others, similar to WhatsApp hacks and other ways to relate well with the specialized stuff.

Can I Recover Lost Photos Using Tech Felts?

Tech Felts provides comprehensive guidelines on photo recovery, shares recommendations about tools to use that provide detailed procedures of methods, and gives a try via which one can recover lost photos from multiple kinds of devices.

Are the WhatsApp Tricks Good for Every Device?

Yes, the WhatsApp tricks posted on Tech Felts are universal as they can used in different devices like smartphones and tablets running various versions of operating systems.

Am I Allowed to Ask Technology-Based Questions on Tech Felts?

Tech Felts encourages user engagement. Though direct submission isn’t available, users are permitted to leave comments, raise questions, or interact with the help of whatever is available for communication.

Does Tech Felts Offer Safe Shopping? What types of payments should users make to pay for their orders on the company’s website?

Tech Felts may deliver commentary on recent tech products and services that can offer a fresh perspective in rate cards or highlights. What their features are and tell them perspective – its advantages pros at sight alongside demerits cons.

How does kept myself updated with Tech Felts content?

The availability of a subscription to the Tech Felts newsletter should be followed to stay informed regarding new content added. They should also keep track of their social media pages so they can be apprehensive of any changes or requests for further content to take action.

How suitable are Tech Felts for IT beginners?

Tech Felts is aimed at beginners as well as a wider audience. The content made in the way of instruction numerous to different members, who have various degrees of expertise with technology varies.


During the passage through different lands of photo recovery, WhatsApp tricks, and tech tips throughout this journey while closing up, it feels imperative to realize that technology designed for any purpose as effect would improve our lives more. On the other hand, Tech Felts would be your compass, which will pull all sails again and guide you on with its bumpy rides till it focuses its beautiful eyes onto stylish technology if this digital cereal is making a fool of you. May all your appliances work forever, memories easily accessible, and everything happening to you in digital space forever be joyful. So, keep waiting for fresh information about new updates and developments in the universe of tech felts.

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