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Technology And The Fallibilities Of Gaming

Casinos have long been a goldmine target for scammers and con artists, and it’s not just clever tricks like card counting. More recently, scammers have attempted to get rich from casinos by targeting weaknesses in casino technology.

There have been many instances where a casino has been targeted and even lost money due to clever technology scams, highlighting the fallibilities of the casino gaming industry.

Not all casinos are susceptible to these attacks. Many learn from others’ mistakes. And online casinos appear to be more secure due to heavy investment in cybersecurity. Let’s take a look at a recent example of men trying to outwit electronic roulette games, which have proven to not be as secure, unlike online roulette games.

Roulette Scammers Caught in Spain

In December 2021, an investigation was launched into the behaviours of a group of men entering casinos in Spain. The men entered casinos under different names and took large amounts of winnings from roulette machines only. They would claim these winnings gradually as a way to avoid suspicion, but this plan did not work.

Many casino workers and even locals were suspicious of these winnings from the men. It turned out that the men were able to manipulate the roulette machines by using a screwdriver-like device on the underside of the machine.

These casino scams were taking place at multiple venues across two different regions of Spain. However, local police forces became aware of the scale of the casino scams and joined forces to carry out timely raids at several properties.

The raids came up trumps with six men arrested for the scam. Since then, it has been uncovered that all six men were also involved with a criminal gang. They all have extensive criminal records involving drug trafficking and forceful robbery. They will appear in court in the not-so-distant future.

Are online casinos much safer?

Online casinos don’t put a physical machine in front of players, so in this regard, they are bulletproof against screwdrivers and other tools to manipulate outcomes. Thus, an online roulette game is much safer for a casino to operate, but it will still require state-of-the-art cybersecurity to keep players and their data safe. Thankfully, many great online casinos conduct their business legally and are safe, so you know you can actually win fairly.

Another reason why online casinos are often safer is that everything is automated. Unless you play live dealer games, there is no way for an insider influence to help players win money. There have been instances in the past when a dealer would manipulate outcomes to help friends win at the casino table. One of the most recent was when a croupier helped his five friends to win $85,000 due to some questionable dice rolls.

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