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The Best News That Will Hit Instagram In 2020

Instagram is one of the most popular applications of the moment, so every little news that arrives affects tens of millions of users around the world. The social network is updated quite frequently and with many new features, and today we are going to review the best news that Instagram is going to debut this 2020.

News That Will Come To Instagram Very Soon

Many of these developments are already being tested in some countries and will soon reach the rest of Instagram users, others are rumours that are still being tested internally and that could be delayed at the end of the year.

TikTok-Style Videos

TikTok has gained a lot of popularity in the last year and it seems that Instagram does not want to be left behind or lose its status. For this reason, Instagram is testing a function called Reels that will allow us to make music videos and we could even see a new section called “Top Reels” with the best creations. It is already available in Brazil, so it could soon reach the rest of the world.

View Users Online

Instagram messages are a widely used function and it seems that Instagram wants to improve it. One of these new functions will be the possibility of seeing if a user is connected to the app, something similar to what WhatsApp offers.

Changes On The Activity Screen

The Activity screen is a long list in which comments, mentions, tags, likes and everything that happens in your Instagram account appear in chronological order, but everything is messy. Now, this could change by grouping the comments on the one hand and the Likes on the other.

Self-Destructing Messages

We already have stories that are destroyed within 24 hours and the next step could reach private Instagram messages with messages that after a while faded away. One way to make sure that nothing is saved forever.

Reply To Messages

More news related to direct messages, in this case, it would be the possibility of replying to a specific message. This is a function that most messaging apps have and that could reach Instagram very soon.

Possibility Of Highlighting Comments

This is a function that is already available on other platforms and that could soon be a reality on Instagram. We can highlight the comments to one of the photos that we like the most so that they appear in the first positions and, perhaps, with different colours or typography.


A new feature that will bequeath to the stories and that will allow us to share more easily all these challenges that have become so fashionable lately. With the Challenge option, you can challenge your contacts much easier and share your challenges with everyone.

Animated Selfies As Stickers

A kind of stickers with animated selfies to which we could add effects, a new way of sharing content on our Instagram strings that can be very interesting and fun. It is a feature already available in some regions and will soon be available worldwide.

Home Order Sticker

A sticker already available in many places and that allows home delivery companies to include it so that we can easily order that tasty dish that we are seeing in their stories. All we have to do is click on the sticker and the corresponding app will open.

Trim Videos Into Stories

Soon we will have more options in Instagram stories, including one of the most demanded: being able to edit the duration of the videos so that they do not exceed 15 seconds. All this can be done outside of Instagram, but soon we can do it from the app itself.

Limit Sensitive Content

Instagram has quite strict content policies and soon you will be able to use a filter so that all the content that the app considers sensitive does not appear to you. It is true that you could miss things that the app considers sensitive and you do not, but it can be a good option depending on the type of user.

Direct Also On Facebook

Instagram belongs to Facebook and the social network wants its apps to work together in many ways. We can already share our Instagram stories directly on Facebook and it seems that soon we can do something similar with the live ones, they will appear on both platforms at the same time.

Direct Sharing On IGTV

Soon the direction of up to 1 hour can be shared on Instagram TV directly without having to save the entire video on our device and upload it later. An option that many demands to avoid losing that content that can be very good, in one hour it gives time to a lot.

Advertisements On IGTV

Instagram TV is quite wasted and there are not many creators who bet on this option, however soon everything will change as Instagram aims to monetize this platform to attract more professional creators. The announcements could arrive soon and suppose a source of income for the users.

Professional profile sticker

This is a link to a preview of a professional profile with the last 3 photos you have shared. Influencers are becoming more and more important and they will be able to share their profiles through a sticker in which they can see a “preview” of their profile.


As we see there are much news expected from Instagram in this 2020, many of them are already about to appear in the applications and others will come throughout the year. One of the most important social networks does not want to lose its status and for this, it is necessary to constantly renew itself.

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