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The Best Wireless Earbuds To Buy Right Now

The craze of earbuds is really catching up these days. WIth more and more brands coming up with their own earbuds, it sometimes becomes a little too confusing to find the best bluetooth earbuds that fit your budget, match your needs and suit your style!

That’s why we have curated the following list of some of the best earbuds in India that you can count on and buy without any hesitation (of course once you figure out which ones match your vibe):

Airdopes 701 ANC

Put the outside world on hold with these fancy and powerful wireless earbuds! The eye-catching and aesthetically appealing design of these earbuds hold a wide range of features that will instantly make them your favorite.

For starters, let’s talk about the humongous battery backup that you get with these earbuds. They provide you a playtime of up to 28h (with the charging case). So feel free to use them while working out or during work, while video conferencing with your boss or gossipping with your friends, while movie marathons or game nights! Your day will get over but they will stay strong! And if they run out of battery, just plug them in for 5min and you are ready to dive into your favorite tunes for 60 mins straight! Interesting right? This definitely makes them one of the best bluetooth earbuds with this level of efficiency!

They even support Active Noise Cancellation for up to 30dB, which means that you can finally immerse into your favorite tunes or podcasts without the ambient noises disturbing you!

The 9mm drivers blast boAt’s signature sound that is loud, clear and bass-perfect.

The Insta Wake N Pair technology further makes it easier to connect to your device. They also support a BEAST mode which makes every gamer’s dream for a perfect in-ear wireless earbuds come true!

What’s more? They also support intuitive & quirky LED which make you shine in a crowd!

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Sony WF-1000XM3

Sophisticated, Stylish and Superbly awesome – these wireless earbuds come packed with many features that make them worthy to be on this list. Judging in terms of the elegance of the design alone, these earbuds will definitely steal your heart. However, the charging case is not exactly pocketable. Talking about the comfort and fit, the company employs something they call a Tri-hold design where the shape of the buds come in contact with three points within your ear. The tiny-yet-powerful 6-mm driver unit sits inside the headphones to deliver rich, clear, expansive sound. Features like 360-degree spatial audio, a full-fledged equalizer, location-based sound profiles make your listening experience even more delightful

They offer a play time of up to 24H (6H earbuds and 18H charging case) which keeps you covered for the entire day. And if you ever are in an urgent need of using your earbuds and they run out of batter, just plug these in for 10 min and get ready to enjoy usage for up to 90mins!

However the real star is the Noise Cancellation feature. It is truly exceptional when it comes to in-ears earphones.

However, you need to be careful while using these earbuds as they don’t come with an IP rating, which can be problematic for the ones who are generally clumsy!

Jabra Elite 85t

Engineered for you to fully enjoy calls and have an immersive listening experience, this in-ear wireless earbuds will definitely leave you amazed!

With this have the best of both worlds: On one hand where Active Noise Cancellation feature helps you keep the ambient unwanted noises out the HearThrough mode lets in the sound.

The 6 mic technology and wind protection allow you to make and take clear calls with these bluetooth earbuds. The 12mm speakers offer a big powerful sound that takes you on a musical journey like never before!

There are also sensors in the earpieces that automatically pause playback when either one is removed, and resumes when it’s worn again.

The earpieces are IPX4 rated for water resistance, and will be able to take a few light splashes of water without risk of damage.

With these, you get up to 5.5 hours on a single charge with ANC on, and a total charge of up to 25H in the compact Qi-certified charging case.

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Vivo TWS Neo

Get ready to experience a sensational sound with these superbly stylish true wireless earbuds. Lightweight design and comfortable fit further make your listening experience even more enjoyable.

They support a 14.2 mm driver in the earbud for deeper bass and richer sound. They also support a DeepX sound system which is specifically designed for true wireless earphones. It offers three sound effects – Mega Bass, Clear Vocal and Clear High Pitch – and supports most audio apps. So, listen to music in your preferred style, without any compromise on definition. The aptX Adaptive for Authentic CD-Standard audio coding technology preserves 1.5x more sound data than traditional wireless earphones.* They also set a new standard for Wireless earphones with Dual Channel Transmission 2.0, system-level channel optimization and low latency up to 88ms. They offer you a playtime of p to 22.5H (with the case) which generally keeps you going for more than a day.

The charging case of these wireless earbuds is pebble-shaped, compact, and quite nice to look at and hold.

So wait no more, get your bluetooth earphones now!

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