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The Impact Of Digital Technologies On The Customer Relationship

The development of mobile technologies, social networks and customer review solutions has created a new type of engagement between consumers and e-commerce players. This commitment must be at the centre of the concerns of e-merchants since it is synonymous with progress and innovation. However, even today, some players struggle to take advantage of digital development, sometimes even putting their businesses at risk. What is the impact of digital on customer relationships? This article will help you know the relevant tools to develop your business and advice on their use.

Brands Must Adapt Their Strategy To Digital Transformation

New players in traditionally well-established markets are disrupting the consumer environment and the foundations of a company’s cost and profit structure. Thus, Free offered an extremely competitive price and, at the same time, assumed few infrastructure costs compared to traditional players. Sarenza or Zalando online merchants have deregulated their way of attachment to a shoe brand and the need to go to a store. Traditional distance-selling players such asLa Redoute or 3 Suisses have transformed their investment policy in a very short period.

They have gone from an income-based almost exclusively on their paper catalogue to selling on the Internet. At the same time, the rapid development of digital technologies such as social networks, artificial intelligence, the cloud, etc., has created a new type of report to the customer. “I do what I want when I want “is the motto of the connected consumer. Moreover, some marketing campaigns can sometimes seem intrusive such as emailing, affiliation or retargeting, but appropriate targeting makes it possible to reach the right audience at the right time. In hyper-competition and digitalization, there are many parameters to consider to retain your customers’ attention and build loyalty: omnichannel, big data, etc. But how do you put your customers at the heart of your strategies?

Consumers Have The Power To Demand

Because of computerized advances, the proposal of vendor locales is more noticeable and straightforward; the buyer can currently contrast these offers and attest to the competition.

He can likewise request an assessment from a circle, devotees or straightforwardly with the brand thanks to a live visit highlight or through informal communities. The improvement of versatility likewise makes it conceivable to fortify the obligation of connection to a brand, specifically because of uses that give a lot of data on items and the organization. The connection between the client and the brand is changed today – it creates as per the assumptions for the purchaser, notwithstanding the item or administration advertised.

On the brand side, the robotization of specific cycles further develops the client experience and streamlines the client relationship. This mechanization is progressively potential because of how much information that collects thanks to the new methods of correspondence. Significant Web organizations have absorbed this issue, like Microsoft, which has fostered a set-up of CRM (client relationship the board) instruments throughout recent years. The fast development of client assumptions and the explicitness of requirements imply that a generalist arrangement is not adequate at this point. Today we see a few computerized organizations meeting up to manage these turns of events. Hence Adobe and Microsoft have met up to offer a typical Showcasing and CRM offer.

Impact Of Customer Reviews: Transparency And Knowledge Of The Customer

The assortment and show of client surveys on Internet-based stores’ sites permits you to proactively go to the likely client and the real purchaser. Coordinated with Search engine optimization administrations, for example, Google and a client relationship, the executive’s framework permits you to counsel consumer loyalty and experience on items and administrations to offer a much more reasonable deal.


The new digital technologies finally make it easier to internationalize the offer, the customer relationship and the communication of e-merchants than in the past. This change is materialized by multilingual interfaces that allow the deployment and management of more products and services. The clientele affected is now located beyond national borders, which leads to the pooling of existing infrastructures.

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