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The Math Behind Free Gambling Offers

Indian casino lovers are always looking for new offers and promotions. The offers have become an essential part of the industry. Most casinos offer them when you first sign up.

However, they are also available for loyal players. However, casinos are businesses, and they don’t really give you anything for free. The ‘free bets’ are simply marketing tools to lure you in.

Why Casino Bonuses Are Important

If you visit an online casino, the welcome bonus is probably one of the first things you will notice. You can claim the bonus after placing your first deposit in many cases. However, there are instances where you can claim no-deposit bonuses.

Free spins India are a great opportunity to play more and possibly make more money. These bonuses are incentives for you to deposit money and keep playing. So, how do they work?

Basically, casino bonuses give you more value for your money. If, for example, you get 100 percent bonus and deposit $50, you get $100 to play with. Therefore, you have more opportunities to play and increase your winning potential.

The biggest benefit of casino bonuses is that they stretch your money. The bigger your balance, the higher your possible wins. It is, however, important to remember that these bonuses have strict terms and conditions. If you hit a win with an extra bonus, you need to meet the wagering requirements. If you don’t, you may be unable to withdraw.

When a headline seems attractive, always consider its terms and conditions. You may notice that it isn’t as pleasant as you would expect. When trying to choose a bonus, consider its value rather than the flashy headlines.

When a Bet Is Actually Free

If you are looking for a truly free bet, find one with no conditions or wagering requirements. You can withdraw all your winnings from the free bet whenever you please. While these types of bets are ideal, they are hard to come by.

Odds reflect the probability of winning. If, for example, you get a $100 free bet and your odds are 2.0, there is a 50 percent chance of winning. Therefore, you have expected returns of 50 percent.

With higher odds, your expected returns are higher. However, bookmakers often add a margin to their odds. It may be difficult to establish how they apportion margins to different events.

If bookmakers apportion the margins proportionally, your expected returns will increase as the odds increase. In this case, your best strategy when playing with free bets is to bet on the highest odds.

If there is more distribution in the longshot’s odds, the expected return reduces at some point while the odds increase.

Turnover Requirements

A common strategy for bookmakers to reduce the value of your free gambling offers is through turnover requirements. If a bonus seems particularly enticing, the turnover rates may be very high.

If you have a bet of $100, for example, you may need to turn over your winnings before withdrawing. Usually, wagering requirements range from 1x to 5x. Wagering requirements may also be tied to the following terms and conditions.

Minimum Odds

Eligible bets typically have 300 to -250 odds or longer. -200 odds may contribute to your wagering requirements, and a -350 odds line would not.

Time Limits

Usually, you have a specific period to take advantage of your offer. It ranges from seven to 90 days, depending on the casino. If you don’t meet the wagering requirements in time, your bonus may be revoked.

Only Winnings Paid

If you place a bet and win money, you’ll typically receive both the winnings and the wager. When betting with bonus credits, however, you only get the winnings.

The Casino Law of Averages

Before all the complicated calculations, casinos consider all trips within a specific time. They use the information to come up with an average. If you place some big bets and some small bets, they both influence the type of offers you may receive.

Some casinos use weighted systems. They factor in the age of your visits and emphasize on recent play. It is, therefore, safe to say that the more you play, the higher your potential offers and bonuses. Your offers may reflect your recent history. It is, therefore, safe to say that the more you play, the higher the bonuses you may enjoy.

The Total Coin In

Many casinos care about the amount you spend on their platforms. The numbers are especially important with slots as table games can be difficult to track. They keep track of your bet sizes and determine the average bet and time on the table.

The more bets you place, the more your money is exposed to the house edge. It also reduces the likelihood of your short-term variance leading to big wins. Betting over time brings you closer to the average loss. Many casinos consider the amount you bet as part of a formula.

What Can You Expect from Comps?

Generally, casino bonuses account for about 30 percent of expected loss. This is an all-in calculation considering plenty of things. It may consider free gifts and free play.

If you get an offer but do not play to the average level, you are considered ‘overcomped’, and your offers may drop. If you play beyond the expectations of the offer, the offer will be improved to show a higher average.

If you are an experienced player trying to improve your offers, pay attention to the comps. Changes in your play may improve the value of your offers.

How Long Do You Play at the Casino?

Online casinos want you to spend a lot of time playing at their sites. Therefore, playing for long hours could earn you better offers. Playing for long also maximizes opportunities like back-end comps.

Longer playing hours can counteract short-term wins or losses. They can draw you closer to expected loss amount. Therefore, casinos don’t like hit-and-run play. They prefer that you stay and play for longer. The types of games you play could also influence your offers.

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