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The Possibilities Of The Metaverse

As we saw in the previous paragraph, the metaverse could influence various economic sectors. What are the sectors most involved in this transformation? Let’s look at them below and explore the possible implications for each one.

Entertainment And Gaming

Among the first sectors in which the metaverse is already widely used, we find the entertainment and gaming sectors. The most exciting aspect will be the emergence of original gameplay within the metaverse, exploiting the world’s internal resources to create imaginary settings with a degree of reality never seen before in order to offer gamers entertainment superior to the current one.


Luxury brands such as Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, fast fashion chains such as Zara, H&M, Benetton, and sportswear have not missed the opportunity to open their flagship stores in the Metaverse Style Region, making genuinely vivid encounters for clients.

An example of this is the Metaverse Fashion Week, which took place last March in Decentraland and represented the first and largest entirely digital fashion week in the world with four days of fashion shows and over 60 well-known brands, designers, and artists. As users increase, it provides significant brands with a new channel where they can showcase their items in a highly interactive way.

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Art And Theatre

Another sector where the metaverse could lead to a small revolution is that of theater and art in general. For example, virtual events such as art exhibitions, museums, or theater performances can be organized where people can attend with their avatars by paying an entrance fee. Thanks to the metaverse, it will be possible to visit the Louvre without going to Paris.

Marketing And Communication

Simulate the effectiveness of a point of sale or a marketing campaign, verify the public’s interest in a product, create a contest, or design a real/virtual hybrid creative staff: the metaverse allows you to have answers and checks as best as possible for any survey, permits you to make a model of an item as well as of a social model and test it on the item.


Traveling virtually is not “fake travel.” It is an additional tool for building an opinion and testing an offer to decide the best possible destination for our trip.

Virtual Office And Smart Working

The evolution of identity technologies, agile working, and conference calls All communication and work technologies and solutions that we know well and which find the most effective synthesis in virtuality, and the major players in this market are already offering scenarios and products to the public and companies. If ever there is a booster for the metaverse, office automation will once again lead the way, as will the web.

Virtual Real Estate

The first and most profitable of the virtual world businesses were real estate businesses. Anshe Chung was the first virtual real estate developer in Second Life to capitalize millions of dollars in virtual land brokerage and arbitrage.

Training And Education

Among the sectors in which the metaverse could have the most significant impact, we find that of education. Due to COVID, many universities and schools have been forced to organize themselves to provide mixed teaching to their students, alternating face-to-face lessons with online ones. In this sense, the use of the metaverse for teaching purposes would be an evolution of so-called hybrid teaching.

For the moment, it is pure utopia, but some believe in it enough to launch a project destined to be realized in the near future. The ambitious goal is to go beyond online education by creating a metaverse that provides classroom management assistance and creates an engaging learning experience using the latest digital technologies that can offer training beyond pure academics. In conclusion, we have seen what, for now, are the sectors in which the metaverse will most likely have an impact.

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