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Top 3 Leander Slots

Leander Games has long been in the industry, yet they are unknown to many. The reason here is that, unlike other slot developers, Leander studios mostly deliver slots targeted at certain gamers or regions. Leander slots are developed considering the preferences of European players, i.e., from Italy, Spain, the UK, Portugal, etc…

Apart from this, we couldn’t find any reasons why such a highly experienced developer is relatively unknown. The developer works based on the most prestigious licenses issued by the gaming commissions of Malta, Alderney, and the UK. In the text below, we are listing 3 of the best Leander slots at www.wizardslots.com so you can evaluate what the developer has to offer.

3 Best Slots from Leander Games

Ways of Labyrinth

For the first pick, we offer you to be a part of an epic adventure with the Ways of Labyrinth slot. It’s a beautifully designed slot that takes you back to the era of Ancient Greece and its history full of myths and monsters. As the name suggests, the deadly monster – the Minotaur- takes the central stage, but meeting the beast for the players isn’t deadly but can actually bring some enormous prizes.

Technically speaking, Ways of Labyrinth is somewhat a unique slot as it holds a 4×5 grid with 1024 betways spread all across the reels. The betting limits here range between £0.25 and £250 per spin, while the highest possible payout is limited to 200x. The return payouts or RTP for Ways of Labyrinth is clocked at 95.89%, and the volatility levels are also settled on the higher side. Overall, it’s the highest-ranked slot from Leander and is worth all your bets.

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Fortune Teller’s Charm

Next up, we have Fortune Teller’s Charm, a fascinating and extremely unusual slot machine that is dedicated to the gypsies and their soothsayers. In Western Europe, the gypsies roamed mainly in Spain or in southern France and did not enjoy the love of the population as, probably, everywhere else. But stories about their magical abilities and the predictions of their soothsayers passed from mouth to mouth for a very long time and exist even now. And the whole gypsy life is beautifully portrayed in this slot, and you will surely love the way it plays.

The mystical slot stands out among the “one-armed bandits” with an increased number of paylines. Those who wish to play are allowed to activate 1 – 10 lines. The betting range here is limited between £0.2 and £100, and the max payout is limited to 9,000x. The game brings a lot of pre-packed bonuses, including free spins, free soi multipliers, bonus bets, additional free spins, wild substitutions, and scatters.

Wild West Zone

Wild West Zone is one of the latest slots provided by Learned, with its release date marked in 2020, and yet it made it to our list. As the name suggests, it’s dedicated to the whole wild west culture with its roots connected to Megaways mechanics with a sweet little touch as it drops two extra symbols on each reel for each spin. The game holds a modern outlook featuring 3D graphics and crisp cut scenes.

The scene for the shoot-out is set right in the middle of a sandy street with wind blowing in the background on a bright sunny day. The game holds a 5 reel set up with rows fluctuating between 4 and 7. The number of active paylines can also vary from 243 and 117,649 lines on each spin. The main attraction here is the free spin round with a progressive multiplier that can help you shoot for the highest payout of 12,500x your stakes. And if that isn’t enough, you can also make use of the wilds, wild respins, scatter wins and additional free spins.

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