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Top 5 Cybersecurity Tips For Employees At Work Place

Cybersecurity At WorkPlace

Why bother with cybersecurity in your company if you are not responsible?

Because even if you don’t work in IT, computer security is still part of your job, and if the company has any such problem due to your negligence, you can be held liable.

Here are some tips that you can carry out in your workplace.

Do Not Write Passwords

A secure and different password for each site and account on the network can be difficult to remember and manage. However, sharing passwords or writing them on a sticky note for anyone to see is an easy way to compromise your company or your own personal data.

Try a password manager that generates strong passwords and remembers them for you. There are many options available.

Use The Wi-Fi Correct Manner

You have probably done some work outside your office where you had to be connected to the internet. Nowadays, Wi-Fi is a necessity: from the gas stations to the coffee shops and the airports they offer free Wi-Fi. But with the gratuity come the inconveniences, and users of free Wi-Fi networks must take extra precautions to avoid some problems.

If you have no other option and you have to use a free Wi-Fi network, make sure that the network you are connecting to is secure, use your company’s VPN and avoid doing delicate work or financial transactions.

On the other hand, your company’s Wi-Fi network can also be an objective. Larger companies with IT departments should have some experience in the secure implementation of the Wi-Fi network, but here are some tips for smaller companies:

Secure Your Network With A Strong Password

Grant access only to people who need to be linked to the network.
Set up a guest network if you have many visitors and limit their access.
Do not use random USB drives.

What would you do if you found a USB stick in your company’s parking?

Unfortunately, different investigations have shown that most would connect it to their computer, which is bad news for companies. The reason why a strange USB drive is attractive is because you never know what it might contain. But it could contain malware that could cause some damage to the corporate network or your computer.

Avoid Phishing

One of the tricks that criminals use to enter corporate networks is to impersonate a legitimate email sender. No company, large or small, is immune to phishing ; It has happened to some of the biggest and best companies.

In the case of a small business, you may think that it is not a goal, but your data and access to your clients’ files is a big problem. Criminals salivate at the idea of stealing personal identification data contained in your customer records. They sell them and exchange them in what is known as the dark internet network. So how can you avoid phishing? Think about these three things before clicking.

Is the link safe? Always check each link before clicking. Scroll over it to preview the URL and carefully look for any misspellings or other irregularities. If you’re not sure, simply open a new browser tab and enter the site’s main URL manually.

Does the message include an attachment? Even if a message seems legitimate, treat links and attachments with suspicion: a partner could have been hacked.

Does the message seem reasonable and legitimate? Be careful even with internal messages from your own office. It is not so difficult to make a false letter that looks like a real letter to, for example, authorize a payment. Look at the syntax or other irregularities that should alert you.

Backup Important Data

The ransomware continues to act through the Internet. When a criminal blocks access to data or the entire computer, victims panic and pay a ransom to unlock their files. Companies are not immune to this. On the contrary: they are a desired objective because they are willing to pay significantly more than the average person to recover their files.

The best thing here is that you can get immunized against ransomware by doing something that all companies should do: create a data backup. If you do not have periodic backups and are affected by ransomware, you will be at the mercy of cybercriminals. But if you have backup copies, you can simply restore your data and continue with your work.

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