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Top Sites To Follow For All Things Cricket

You might not know this, but according to End Sports, cricket is the second most popular sport globally, having 2.5 million fans. And for these fans, the game isn’t enough to fuel their passion and hunger for the fun of cricket.

For die-hard cricket fans, regular updates on the game of cricket are something they live for, from checking their favourite blogs to checking on live cricket odds for sports betting purposes.

Some want to stay up to date on cricket news, like Brian Lara’s unbeaten 400* score in 2004 or Mitchell Johnson’s thunderbolts that caught the world’s attention.

But very few sites or blogs offer quality news and information on cricket, which is why by reading further, you will get to know some of the best cricket sites and blogs providing the best information on the game of cricket. From news, live scores, and live matches to match updates.


ESPNcricinfo offers everything related to cricket; it’s an excellent platform for super cricket fans; they offer users trending news on cricket and a list of ongoing matches and upcoming matches. You get to see match statistics, updates on teams and news on cricket.

At the top of the page of the website homepage, you see live scorecards of previous matches and detailed analysis of partners for both upcoming and ongoing games. You get to read articles written by top cricket analysts and enjoy their blog posts on all things g stricken related.


Cricbuzz is a popular website that offers the best cricket analysis, similar to ESPNCricinfo; it was developed by Pankaj Chhaparwal, Piyush Agrawal, and Pravin Hegde in 2004.

The site has excellent posts on players and team reviews. The site has a beautiful program calmed Voice Of Cricket that involves cricket experts analysing games, teams and players. Its Bhogle video has reached close to 100 million views.

Cricket Web

Cricket Web is a popular Australian website that offers its users updated on cricket; it is mainly a cricket blog; cricket fans can discuss anything cricket related on its platform. And it has articles and blog posts in a slideshow format for its users, not just to read articles on cricket but also to enjoy reading it.


Wisden is one of the oldest websites that offer cricket related information; the story behind the site is epic. A famous and great cricket player, John Wisden, had an idea to sell his cricket gear and become a publisher. As of 1864, he published the inaugural Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack. And by the 20th century, Wisden was one of England’s most popular and best multi-sport equipment.

Today, Wisden hasn’t fallen short of expectations when delivering cricket related items and information. Wisden’s cricketers’ Almanack is also called the ‘Cricket Bible. Why? It offers the best information when it comes to cricket. The website has detailed information on things like cricket.

In the matching centre, users get access to live match reports; more so, they get access to fixtures and analysis of both upcoming matches. Wisden also offers podcasts and videos on cricket related topics. And games that have finished.


CricViz is another excellent website to get news and information on all things cricket, the sites. CricViz offers analysis on cricket. They also provide users with podcasts that super cricket fans would love.


As a cricket fan, some other websites you can also check are Cricket.com.au, Cricket365, Cricwaves, Women’s Cricket Blog, CricketNext, ICC, and Inside Edge Cricket.

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