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Universal Automation And Its Implications

Industries in all economic sectors are moving towards automating their tasks. Automation refers to technologies that reduce human input on tasks and drastically increase the efficiency of business processes. They are of several types, including mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, etc., and are designed to be adapted to industries of various shapes. Automation lower operating costs, improve employee safety and gives a competitive edge in the market.

Universal automation is the new industry standard for automation. It differentiates from conventional automation technologies by providing the plug-and-produce feature and the IEC 61499 standard. Universal automation allows business owners to control automation techniques remotely and makes the automation system an entirely flexible tool to be taken benefit of.

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What is Universal Automation?

Universal automation refers to robust automation applications that are portable and easily configured on any hardware of choice. It enables high interoperability across vendors and ensures software and hardware independence. Universal automation can be plugged into your existing production system and allow you to automate your process conveniently. Additionally, it uses the IEC 61499 standard, which ensures universal automation can run on any PC-based platform. In the next section, we have compiled all the benefits of universal automation:

Benefits of Universal Automation

  • Address each customer’s unique requirements: The Industrial Revolution in the 1800s brought with it large, centralized production plants. But the trends are now changing as each customer demands a unique, personalized experience, and large plants are getting replaced by smaller production plants. Products are now highly customized and cost-effective to deliver. Through universal automation, manufacturers no longer have to focus on the number of finished goods and instead can work on the quality of each product. They only have to deliver output to paying customers.
  • Increased efficiency and agility: Like conventional automation, universal automation provides real-time control of critical business processes with high accuracy. The systems are able to learn new routines and suggest more efficient ways of completing production. Universal automation is a strong tool to help companies keep up with an increasing number of customers.
  • A sustainable business: Automation improves energy efficiency and helps your business cut costs on energy bills. Governments also support sustainable business practices by introducing new policies and providing tax breaks. As a result, it can help you find a niche in the market and give you opportunities to collaborate with like-minded businesses.
  • The potential of software: Companies that use software-based technologies gain a competitive edge in the market and attract industrial stakeholders. New hardware can no longer solve customer requirements, as only software can provide unprecedented operational capabilities. Additionally, universal automation can run on any modern edge-computing device to give you the best experience.
  • The new wave of the workforce: With the advent of Big Data and machine learning, the newest generation is not control engineers. They are data engineers. Universal automation is designed for the unique skillset of this workforce that can focus on controlling the process and generating revenue digitally.
  • Innovate: Universal automation can help you utilize your hardware in new ways. You can innovate and discover better ways of handling production. There is no one correct way.

Collaborate with Brands You Can Rely On

Universal automation helps you take care of your business needs in the way that suits you. It grants you greater control over your processes and enables you to give your customers a unique brand-aware experience. We recommend connecting with automation experts so they can recommend reliable brands. They can help you explore the market and figure out the perfect automation solutions.

Get in touch today and be a leader in the industry.

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