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Video Marketing Strategies For Growing Your Business

Video marketing is no longer just a tool. But it is a natural mode of communication. Many people prefer watching a video over reading a text.

What Is Video Marketing?

We’ve talked about the video so far, but what does it mean to set up a video marketing strategy? To understand the meaning of this technique, we need to take it a step further. We are not talking about any video disconnected from one another but about an action plan designed at the table. Video marketing is an integral part of current web marketing strategies and is based on creating video content intended to promote and market a product or service. This branch of digital marketing has grown significantly in recent years.

The increase is due to the explosion of mobile devices and the speed of the Internet that made it possible to stream videos anywhere and “on the fly.” In fact, according to data collected by YouTube, more than 70% of video viewing time is done on mobile devices. Videos are a tool that allows the usability of content in a more agile and immediate way. Furthermore, seeing and hearing the person speaking puts users in a more favorable position and increases the degree of attention. It is undeniable that a video marketing strategy is now strictly necessary within every corporate web marketing campaign.

Why Do Video Marketing For Your Business?

Just think about the fact that a third of total internet users account for visitors to the YouTube platform. This figure denotes the fact that the catchment area that appreciates video content is huge. Speaking of the latest video trends, Google itself said that 6 out of 10 people prefer to view a video online rather than watch advertising on television. The videos on the web can be found both on a company’s social media and the website, with the advantage of reaching potential customers exactly where they are. But let’s continue with some numbers.

According to HubSpot, 78% of people watch videos on the net every week. But as much as 55% of people watch it every day. Based on these numbers, it is not difficult to understand why YouTube became the second most popular website right after the giant Google. But the videos are not only viewable on this site and, in the wake of guaranteed success, but a Facebook executive has also announced the end of the written text.

By 2021 this social media will also eliminate all texts to leave room only for videos. When was the last time you read a printed guide instead of watching a video tutorial? When did you delve into a new country in a book instead of on YouTube? When have you tried a new recipe following the advice of the mother-in-law rather than watching a video of a few minutes?

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Goals Of A Video Marketing Strategy That Works

Every self-respecting strategy always starts from a particular point. Can you imagine which one?

I’m talking about goal setting. For a strategy to be effective, you need to be clear about the goals you want to achieve. However, before this, you must be aware of the goals that allow you to achieve the strategy you want to implement. In this case, we are talking about video marketing.

Let’s find out together the objectives you can achieve thanks to video marketing, which coincide with the path that the consumer takes within your company. The latter goes through particular phases:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Decision
  • Loyalty

Now let’s analyze the goals.

Help develop the brand

Video marketing helps you develop brand awareness in users, i.e., brand awareness. This is the first step that leads people to know your reality and then become attached to it and become loyal consumers. But to get to this final result, they must, first of all, get to know you. You have to create your branding and user awareness through multimedia content. During this phase, it is essential to study a video that can raise awareness.

Like? Offering the solution to their problem, showing them how to solve a need but also having fun. The arriving users are of different types. Some are looking for specific answers, but others have yet to ask the right questions. So you can share demonstration videos, explanations, and other funnier contents that arouse in the user the desire to share your content. Remember that videos must be designed to achieve a specific goal, and you may need the help of a content marketing expert.

Improve Your Positioning On The Web

When a person has a problem to solve, even before asking family and friends for advice, he searches for the solution on Google. This phase is very delicate for you because it brings the possibility of improving the relationship you have with your customers. You get a similar result if your content is well positioned on the web. What does it mean? When a user performs a Google search, your video must appear as one of the first results based on that specific search.

Videos are a great way to improve your ranking on Google. You will undoubtedly have noticed that Google places the videos on YouTube that best respond to the user’s search at the top of the other results. You can do a quick check to see for yourself what I just said. Go to Google and digital yoga class. ” The first results that appear are videos. At this stage, you can opt for more detailed videos on a particular product or service and tutorials that teach how to perform an installation. Even sector case studies are indicated.

Creation Of Shareable Content

Through video marketing, you have the opportunity to create content with a high sharing potential. When you see a funny or helpful video online, don’t you want to share it with your friends? Today you can choose between different types of videos, from long and informative ones to 360-degree videos that have the power to capture the user’s attention immediately.

Creating such content allows you to get many more people to click the share button. The more shares, the larger the pool of users who will become aware of your company.

You already know what this means, right? Many more potential customers to whom you can offer your product or service. The success of a digital marketing campaign depends on the degree of ease in sharing the content it decides to publish. While surfing the web, you have surely noticed that it is much easier for a video to go viral than for a text because the videos are immediate and usable without particular effort. To learn more about content, not just videos, and their power in marketing and communication, also read my article dedicated to content marketing.

Videos Build Confidence

It is difficult for a user to buy your product or service after only one contact with your company. He knows almost nothing about you and perceives you as a stranger, especially since most references are now online and not in person. So what is the key to increasing sales and, consequently, growing corporate profits? Build trust. Even if a user has never met you, they must have the perception that they know you. It must espouse your principles and believe in your ideals. He must find what you say helpful and take an interest in what you do.

Types Of Videos For Your Business

The objectives that you can achieve thanks to video marketing are so many and the different formats that you can choose. Now let’s find out more closely.

There are videos :

  • Explanatory: within the explanatory video, you can explain your product or service to the public and a specific topic that falls within your area of ​​expertise. Typically you expose a problem or hypothetical need of your audience, explain the causes and solutions.
  • Tutorial: In the video tutorial, you analyze each step necessary to arrive at a particular result. To cite a few examples, think of the video tutorial for cooking with a camping stove or a tutorial that explains all the features of the GoPro. Make sure your video has subtitles because this will allow non-native speakers to understand it better. Using a subtitle generator can save you time and effort.
  • Customer testimonials: crucial to create trust in potential customers who do not yet know you are the videos in which customers who have already bought your product or service speak, enhancing its characteristics and explaining how their lives have improved after the purchase.
  • Demonstrations of products or services: these are the videos you need to present your product or service, explain its characteristics and suggest for whom it is indicated or not.
  • Three hundred sixty degrees: the future of video is just that. 360 ° videos make the user the protagonist of the story he is watching thanks to technologies and augmented reality;
  • Live: On social media, live videos play a crucial role, so-called life. This particular form allows a user who is physically in a place other than the one in which you are to follow an event, participate in a conference, or ask questions for an interview with a prominent person in the sector.

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