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Vodafone Business Agreement With Microsoft For The Enterprise Cloud

The collaboration involves joint investments in training, marketing and development. It aims to offer companies integrated solutions of managed Microsoft Azure cloud services and connectivity for migration to the Cloud. Vodafone Business and Microsoft report an organization that spotlights Cloud and Networks to speed up the digitization of Italian organizations to assist them with answering worldwide difficulties and advance their maintainable development. The coordinated effort, which remembers vital joint ventures for preparing, showcasing and improving, plans to offer Italian organizations incorporated arrangements of overseen Microsoft Purplish blue cloud benefits and high-level availability that works on movement to the Cloud. The two organizations compose it in a joint note.

Targeted Digitization For SMEs

The strengthening of the collaboration between the two companies is aimed at public and private organizations of all sizes in our country, focusing on small and medium-sized companies that need targeted services and solutions to promote their digitalization.

Integrated Solutions Based On 5G, Edge And IoT

“The automated economy could be the variable for recovery. Just with digitization, might we at any point make that jump in efficiency equipped for making our organizations cutthroat – said With Vodafone Business, we are close to organizations in this change cycle. The organization with Microsoft further reinforces our capacity to empower new working and plans of action through incorporated arrangements that exploit the most recent age innovations, 5G, Edge processing and IoT, because of the formation of cross-over abilities to help digitization”.

Joint Objective: Effective Vertical Solutions

As part of this new partnership, the joint goal of Vodafone Business and Microsoft is to develop and make available effective, secure and flexible vertical digital solutions based on the Microsoft Azure Cloud and the Vodafone network, leveraging technologies such as 5G, Edge Computing and IoT for various sectors, from manufacturing to retail, from the fashion sector to the hospitality sector. In Vodafone Business, a group of digitization and Microsoft arrangements specialists will go with clients on their computerized change excursion and relocation to the Cloud.

Companies of all sizes will be able to benefit from the integration of platforms and applications in the Cloud with Vodafone Business fixed and mobile connectivity solutions, being able to count on direct access to the services provided by the next Microsoft Region Data Center in addition to the existing ones now abroad, and on maximum network performance in terms of speed, security and overt repetitiveness, as well as practical and committed help. Vodafone is a leading player in supporting organizations to leverage the services offered by the upcoming first Microsoft Cloud Region, which will be created in Milan as part of the global Azure data center network, which includes over 60 regions, 200 data centers, 4 million servers and 190 Edge Zones.

Collective Advancement Of Voice Offers In Groups And Network Safety

In the context of the collaboration between the two companies, equally relevant will be the joint development of voice offers in Teams and Cybersecurity. Specifically, in this field, Vodafone Business and Microsoft need to empower the making of a computerized culture in light of information security and insurance, zeroing in on offering successful network safety administrations to shield little and medium-sized organizations from progressively complex and designated assaults.

The recharged association originates from an all-around productive connection between the two organizations. It already includes solutions that support businesses in the new hybrid working environment to foster business productivity and, at the same time, improve employee engagement and well-being in more flexible working models. The practical and secure solutions provide for the integration of Microsoft products (e.g. Microsoft 365, Teams) with Vodafone services (from connectivity to the most innovative services such as IoT) to help companies create a new workspace in which, in total safety, the chance of associating remote work with up close and personal work is ensured, trading and getting to data and information progressively.

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