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What Are The Best Android Photo Editors?

The camera is one of the top 3 priorities when choosing a new mobile. In addition, a function that allows the mobile phone once the photo is taken is to be able to edit it without having to transfer it to any computer to do so. With the mobile, thanks to its capacity and its screen, we can modify all kinds of images to our liking: from removing red eyes to removing colours that did not appear in the photo.

Photo editors for Android must have a series of requirements to obtain good results: it must have a good tool for brightness, contrast, colour, exposure control, it is very important that the light and shadow control is independent, reduce noise, allow editing in RAW, among many others. So we can do a photo edit of 10.

Google Play offers a wide variety of photo editors, but choosing the one that works best with you is not an easy task. Keep in mind that, although our editor has all the existing tools, it does not mean that it is the best.

The objective is to achieve a professional result, for this, there are several users who choose to download various apps that satisfy this need. If you are tired of the photo editor that comes pre-installed on your Android phone, don’t miss the top 9 Android photo editors that the Phone Service Center brings you.

The 9 Best Photo Editing Apps For Android

1. Adobe Lightroom

This editor is not a simple editor, it is the top of photo editors. Lightroom accompanies you throughout the photographic process:

  • Realization: You can take the photos directly from the application. In addition, you can do them automatically or like a professional (being able to touch up the exposure, the shutter speed, the ISO, etc.). If your mobile does not allow you to take photographs by touching the parameters, this is a good way to do it. In addition, it allows you to put “effects in real-time” that helps you visualize how certain effects will be before taking the photo.
  • Cataloguing: You can create albums to organize your photos in the app’s library according to their: score, used filters, time, etc.
  • Photo retouching: the application allows you a large number of adjustments to edit images to your liking, from the most basic ones such as contrast, brightness, exposure … too much more advanced options. In addition, it should be noted that, unlike other editing tools, Lightroom is not destructive, that is, for many adjustments you make to the photo you can always return to the original. So you can keep the original image and have the settings, which you can change whenever you want without affecting the quality of the photo. For example, if you have a series of similar images and you want them to have all the same settings, all you have to do is edit a photo by tweaking the settings, and then copy these settings and paste them to the other images. So you will have all your photos with the same settings quickly and easily. If you don’t feel like making changes manually, download free Lightroom presets for portraits and other photo genres, apply the filter you like to a pack of shots and get a result in a quick way. Your images will share an identical style, which works perfectly for a series of photos. 

Once you have read the edition of images you want, you can share them directly on your social networks. What do you think? Not bad at all, right? If you have not yet tried Lightroom we recommend it 100%. You can download it for free on Google Play. Some options are paid, but if you do not want to spend money with the free version it will suffice.

2. Adobe Photoshop Express

The best thing about this editor is its simple interface and it has a good balance between functions and handling. With this app you can:

  • Realization: Take photographs directly from the application. It does not have a “professional model” option like Lightroom, but it has a large number of filters so that you can easily take your photos as you like. Also, after taking the photo with the filter you can also edit it.
  • Photo Editing: the application has a large number of adjustments, from the most basic such as brightness, contrast, crop, temperature, etc. even more advanced. You can also choose if you want to completely retouch the photo, only the subject or only the background or even retouch them in parts. You can also add default filters (free option) or create your own (paid option).
  • Collage: You can collage with your photos including different themes so that the backgrounds of your collage are related to your photos and make them unique and special.
  • Mix: It allows you to select several images so you can choose elements from each one and paste them into another. In this way, you can make fun montages for your family and friends.
  • Discover: Here you will find Instagram photos of people who edit their photos with this app. If you like a photo as it is edited, you can use the filters or edits made by that person to put it in your photos. Or, you can even touch up a photo that you like from the ones you see. In addition, with the new “Playback” function, you can see how the photo is being edited until you reach the final result that caught your attention.

It’s cool, right? Once you have your photos edited, you can upload them directly from the application to your social networks. If you are looking for a simple application, easy to use and that offers you many possibilities but without having the options to take a photo like with a professional camera, Photoshop Express is your best option. You can find it for free on Google Play . Like Lightroom, it also has many options that are paid.

3. Adobe Photoshop Fix

This is the best app for portraits, it has numerous facial retouching tools and is suitable for spot retouching, all in a simple interface. In addition to enhancing portraits, it removes blemishes and softens the skin, retouches shapes and has many simple manual edits. It is like Photoshop Express but specialized in portraits.

If you are one of the people who love selfies or who is always making portraits of people with your mobile, this is your app! Just like in Lightroom and Photoshop Express, once your photos are ready, you can share them directly on your social networks. You can download it for free from Google Play.


If you’re in a hurry, this app is ideal for quick touch-ups. Its camera does not offer great professional options but its filters will give good results in your photos and it will be easy to use since it has a very organized and simple interface. In addition, it allows you to export your photos and save them on your mobile or share them directly with your social networks. It also has its own social network where you can see and enjoy the content of other users.

5. Autodesk Pixlr

The first thing to highlight about this photo editor is its organized structure, it has a wide variety of creative effects. With this app, you can censor parts of the image, perform touch-up and spot correction work, as well as superimpose texts.

6. Pics Art

From this great photo editor, we can highlight its wide variety of creative effects, its artistic filters and even customize the size of the image. You can draw on an image, create montages with several photos, apply various filters and artistic effects.

7. Snapseed

This app is equipped with intuitive gesture management and is ideal for all kinds of touch-ups. As with Pixlr, with this app, you will be able to superimpose texts, in addition to applying various effects and it has a very exhaustive manual edition.

8. Lens Distortion

With this editor, you will have great quality effects. Using this function is very simple since it only adds lenses and light effects to your photos. You can create depth in your photos with rain or fog. What makes it different are its details full of incomparable realism.

9. Fotor Photo Effects Studio

With this app, you can manually improve photos, apply numerous filters, create collages and even add stickers and texts. It is recommended for all users, regardless of your editing knowledge. It is one of the most complete editors regarding manual editing tools and has a very simple and attractive interface.

We have compiled a total of 9 most complete and unique Android photo editors that meet the majority of users’ needs. From the Phone Service Center, we recommend that you try them until you find the one that best suits you. If you have any other as your preferred editor, please let us know in the comments!

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