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Amazon: What Invite Purchases Are And How They Work

I was purchasing by invitation the new strategy of Amazon and many other e-commerce to deal with scalpers and speculations on online sales. Amazon’s purchases by invitation are finally available in India. To formalize the matter, the famous e-commerce has taken advantage of one of the most sought-after products of recent months and one of the most difficult to find: the Playstation 5.

The new Sony home console is one of the most desired objects on the platform, and the company, to discourage scalpers, has decided to test the launch of purchases by invitation starting from this product. Scalpers are all those users who buy vast quantities of products to end the site’s availability and resell them at higher prices; in the case of a PS5, an almost unobtainable item, the strategy worked great, with consoles also sold at twice the original price. Therefore, purchasing by invitation could be the ideal solution to grab the desired product and stop the rampant “digital scaling.”

How To Use Amazon Invite Purchases

The operation of this method of purchase is simple. It has been active since last August 17th for Playstation 5 sold and shipped by Amazon, in the bundle edition with the new “Horizon Forbidden West.” Once the product to be purchased has been selected, the “Request invitation” icon will appear on the right side of the screen instead of the classic button to proceed with the purchase. You get “in line” with Amazon by clicking on this button, which will check the reseller’s account. There are no official deadlines before receiving the much-desired invitation. Still, with patience, it will be possible to get your hands on Sony’s highly sought-after new generation console.

Purchases by invitation, a simple and effective system to curb digital scaling and to guarantee users verified purchases at the right price. As soon as the company sends the link for the purchase, you will have 72 hours to complete the sale in the traditional ways Amazon offers. Of course, the total price of the bundle will be € 559.99, which is what is regularly asked for the purchase of the package. A sum far from the absurd ones that appeared on the net in recent months. Moreover, this procedure prevents bots and digital touts from identifying the stocks of products and buying them in bulk in a few seconds with dozens of consecutive orders; a panacea for those interested in a product and who would like to buy it for personal use only.

Purchasing By Invitation, The Future Of E-Commerce

One of the purchases by invitation on Amazon could probably become the new normal for the whole e-commerce sector. It is not only a way to curb people in business and touts but also a system to deal with the chip crisis that has dramatically extended the delivery times of most of the most sought-after hi-tech items. Among the new objects that should soon enter the program of purchases by invitation could also be the Microsoft consoles, which have also become natural “cult objects.” In addition to Amazon, many other e-commerce companies could also evaluate this idea to stem speculation on products and, perhaps, guarantee a fairer sale.

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