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Amazon Web Services (AWS): What It Is, And Its Benefits

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud platform that offers a huge selection of tools and services, currently more than 200, designed to carry out any IT project in the cloud. These are services of all kinds, from storage to processing, from analytical tools to those for developers, passing through network management, security, and services dedicated to IoT devices. Thanks to its regions distributed throughout the world and to great elasticity and reliability, AWS is, in fact, the most complete and used cloud ecosystem.

Millions of customers, including startups, large enterprises, and government agencies, have chosen and continue to choose AWS to reduce costs, operate more agile and accelerate their innovation. We at Flowing had no doubts when we faced the possibility of becoming an AWS Partner first and then an Advanced Consulting Partner. The services it makes available to us, the safety and efficiency of the entire AWS panorama guarantee us to satisfy the various needs of customers within an environment with absolutely agile characteristics, in full Flowing style. This article is intended to help you fully discover the potential of Amazon Web Services. In particular, we will talk about:

The Benefits Of AWS Cloud Computing

Embracing the AWS platform, with all its range of services, is convenient from many points of view. Some of them relate to its strict cloud nature. For instance, since these are on-request benefits, you can utilize them as indicated by your particular necessities, with costs given utilization. This implies fundamentally lessening costs among equipment and programming, supplanting customary capital record ventures with variable expenses, which rely upon genuine use.

At this point, there could be no need to design the assets you want since nothing remains to be purchased forthright: AWS permits you to measure your framework to the base essential and develop it quickly when required, physically or utilizing autoscaling rationale and instruments.

Adopting cloud computing allows everything related to the infrastructure to be delegated to the platform. In this way, developers can focus solely and exclusively on their work. But what distinguishes AWS cloud computing from other similar platforms?

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Let’s see it together. With more noteworthy usefulness than all the cloud suppliers available, AWS is the one that offers the biggest measure of administrations for a utilization case, for example, AI, artificial consciousness, information lakes, examination, and IoT. For anything that is your current application, it will be incredibly simple to relocate to the AWS cloud since all you want is there.

A Large Community

AWS has thousands of partners and active customers worldwide across all industries and sizes.

The AWS Partner Community (APN) includes many System Integrators specializing in AWS services and even more Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) adapting their technologies to work on AWS.


AWS is the most secure and flexible cloud computing environment on the market. Infrastructure security boundaries are intended to meet the most severe prerequisites for top-notch military or monetary associations. AWS upholds 90 security guidelines and consistency authentications, including 230 security-related administrations and elements.

Always New Technologies

AWS continuously develops new technologies, ready to experiment and implement in your business, to always be at the forefront. A case in point is AWS Lambda, the main serverless processing space to permit designers to run code without expecting to think often about the framework. One more model is Amazon SageMaker, a far-reaching administration for designers and researchers to use machine learning.

Operational Experience

For over 16 years, AWS has provided cloud services to millions of customers worldwide, covering many use cases. This is the biggest functional experience of some other suppliers of comparable and bigger scope administrations—this outcome in unrivaled dependability, security, administration development, and priceless experience for your strategic applications.

The AWS Region Network

AWS’ global cloud infrastructure is the largest in the world. It is available in the biggest geographic districts, 26, each crossing numerous Accessibility Zones, 84. In the short term, eight new AWS Districts will be added for 24 Accessibility Zones. This huge sending gives clients low idleness, high throughput, and high organizational repetitiveness.

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