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What Is Cloud Telephony In 2023?

Benefiting from cloud telephony in 2023 means bringing your telecommunications to the digital age. Indeed, this VoIP telephony solution is revolutionizing the sector. All calls go through the web only through software and hosting under remote servers.

These calls then no longer go through a traditional switched telephone network. This technology transforms the voice into electrical signals, which are returned in the form of data instantly and with high quality. Discover all the trends in cloud telephony in this article.

A SaaS Telephone Solution

In the case of a SaaS telephony solution, the telephony software is hosted and made available on the Internet. Concretely, for a company, there is no longer any need to install specific infrastructures. However, this makes it possible to avoid a substantial investment, especially since PBX infrastructures require maintenance costs.

Instead of addressing multiple interlocutors, only one is its SaaS provider. The dedicated software is quickly installed and configured and operates intuitively without prior technical knowledge. Cloud telephony for businesses saves money and simplifies switchboard use.

Savings are also made on the cost of calls.

Analog telephony often includes additional fees, especially for international calls. As the rings are made over the Internet, these additional costs are non-existent, whether you are calling a local or international number. This transparency makes it possible to know precisely the price of its telecommunications without unpleasant surprises.

Cloud Telephony At The Service Of Business Flexibility

Using dematerialized telephony means freeing yourself from the physical network and, therefore, from managing this service internally. All incoming and outgoing calls pass through VoIP. Only your quality internet connection is enough to benefit from it. In this case, the company gains flexibility.

There is no longer any need for the employee to be in a fixed position on the company’s premises. Cloud telephony is ideally suited to telecommuting or business travel. The software is available on all connected media, such as smartphones or tablets. The dedicated app allows you to work from anywhere. This is a solution for the future that supports employee mobility.

Integrating IP Telephony Into A CRM

A considerable advantage of cloud telephony is the integration with a CRM. Thanks to computer-telephony integration ( CTI ), connecting the telephony system to all its professional tools is simple. This allows all tasks to be synchronized in one place, saving time. All calls are recorded directly on the CRM. New contacts are automatically added to the software. This enriches customer information and makes teams more efficient.

Note-taking is possible directly in the interface and thus improves customer follow-up. Each user has all the information in view during the call. This avoids making interlocutors wait and improves their satisfaction. Thanks to VoIP telephony, 60 business tools can be integrated on a turnkey basis. However, using APIs to integrate business telephony with CRM is no problem.

VoIP Telephony And Productivity

Cloud telephony appears to be a solution that promotes productivity. Indeed, the integration with the CRM gathers all the information within the same interface. This undeniably makes the difference with an analog telephone switchboard. But other features also save time. A cascading PLC can also launch these calls. Associated with a tag, these are contextualized and classified in the tool’s dashboard as in the CRM.

A salesperson’s work, like that of customer service, is facilitated by these functions: handling more calls is possible in less time. There are also fewer dropped calls. Dialing a number in one click may only make a difference of a few seconds, but their addition over a working day is not negligible. Cloud telephony in 2023 marks a digital revolution in corporate telecommunications.

With the ease of implementation and use, VoIP offers an innovative solution adapted to the requirements of today’s businesses. Without investing too much, each company can find features to improve its customer or commercial service.

From the user’s point of view, the single interface, integrated with CRMs and productivity applications, makes for greater efficiency. From the point of view of the interlocutor, the experience is more satisfying, thanks to the data shared between the teams. Regarding the cost of a virtual switchboard, it is accessible to all companies thanks to internet hosting, which does not include any additional cost.

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