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What Makes Shaun Tait Such A Great Bowler?

If you follow cricket at any level that you have probably come across Shaun Tait and his impressive cricket skills. Largely considered in the top 3 when it comes to looking at the worlds fastest bowler statistics he’s carved out quite the career for himself, but what is it that makes Australian cricketer Shaun Tait so great?

He Started at an Early Age

Tait has been playing cricket since a young child and even played in some inter-league matches for an Under-154 league. In fact, it was during one of these matches that he first broke the stumps for the first time, pretty impressive for a player that was barely a teenager! At a slightly older age, but still under 16 he hit his first batsman with a ball and knocked him out, something which he has talked about before during an interview but he has never revealed the name of the unlucky player.

He’s Had His Fair Share of Trouble

Just because Tait is a great player that doesn’t mean he hasn’t had his share of trouble and unlucky matches along the way – it is part of what helps make him a well-rounded and successful player. For example, he made his Ashes debut during the fourth test in 2006 and did well in the first innings – however, during the second innings, he didn’t hit a single wicket, something that will no doubt have been disappointing for him at the time.

He’s Participated in The World Cup

He took part in the ICC World Cup in 2007, although he wasn’t due to take part initially. He was called up and played 11 matches, taking 23 wickets when Brett Lee had to bow out from taking part due to an injury.

He’s a Record Breaker

Although he’s definitely up there with the world’s fastest bowlers, he actually holds the record in Australia for the best ball ever balled in the country. He did this during the T20I match in Melbourne when Australia was playing Pakistan. He bowled in the first over and on the third delivery; the ball crossed the mark of 160KPH – amazing!

He has a Supportive Family

Tait actually met his wife at a cricket match and they have been married in 2014. They met in 2010 at an Indian Premier League Match, where Mashoom Singha was in attendance. She has her own pretty successful career but being a cricket fan herself has always done what she can to support her now husbands career. With Tait likely needing to put in plenty of hours of practice each week having a support network behind him will make a big difference.

He’s Motivated

Shaun has taken part in plenty of interviews over the years and his passion and motivation for cricket often shine through. He has been quoted as saying things like “I’ll go out there and just try to take a wicket every ball. I’m going to spray a few around the place”, so it’s clear to everyone that he wants to do well in every match he plays and this motivated to do succeed has no doubt helped him build such a successful career.

Some would argue that in order to be such a great bowler a large part of that comes down to natural talent. Shaun Tait clearly is a talented bowler and no one would want to take this away from him. However, with such an impressive track record there can be no denying that plenty of practice and a passion for the game of cricket has also helped Shaun be where he is today – what an incredible career he has made for himself, well done Shaun!

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