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What You Need To Know About The Rise Of Industrial Robotics

Industrial robotics emerged around the 50s, and in the following decades, it was implemented inside factories, which saw potential in the use of robots.

As a result, robots have continually evolved, reaching a level of automation seen today, where they perform increasingly complex tasks with precision.

According to a study carried out by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), since 2014, the average annual growth of robotic units installed has been around 13%.

What Is Robotic Technology?

First of all, we can define the word technology as the tools developed to make people’s work more accessible, and this can encompass the most diverse factors.

Robotic technology is a less broad term. Unlike a computer or a smartphone application, for example, using these devices requires manual operation by a person.

In retrospect, robots perform the functions they were programmed to commit entirely and repetitively, without human intervention, except in cases where someone handles them to do maintenance, adjustments or something like that.

Contrary to popular belief, industrial robots do not come to replace human labor but complement it. Thus, collaborating for the generation of jobs begins to take previously unimagined directions.

Robots can be programmed to perform repetitive and heavier tasks, but workers are responsible for the more strategic functions, such as coordinating, organizing and analyzing the workflow. Activities that require some level of instruction.

Advantages Of Industrial Robotics

Currently, the world is increasingly fast-paced, and everyone is connected. The internet makes information very accessible, despite not always having a reasoned basis.

The consequence of this is a highly competitive market, which encourages the emergence of new products and increasingly demanding customers.

Technologies for Industry 4.0 and industrial robots are factors that help the production chain keep up with the pace of the market. In addition, see other advantages of betting on robotics:

Greater Task Security

Robots have greater precision in performing the programmed tasks; therefore, there is more excellent safety during execution with their use.

In addition, with the use of robots in activities characterized as unhealthy or risky, such as cutting or welding, handling chemical agents, or working in hot places, the company protects employees against accidents and, consequently, avoids embezzlement in the team.

Greater Quality Control

As programmed, the robots always use the same precision in force and speed, so the production chain is not subject to a lack of standardization due to human factors.

Due to this standardization, there are fewer errors, reworks and raw material waste. Thus improving the quality control of parts.

High Productivity

The use of industrial robotics units on the factory floor makes production work with more uptime, as it does not require downtime.

In this way, robots can complete tasks much faster than if they were done manually by a person. Because we have physiological needs, and we need rest stops.

With this, adding more incredible speed and more uptime, a result of high productivity is reached for the factory. We are in the age of digital transformation. With the use of technology, there is an improvement in productivity and competitiveness.

Cost Reduction

All the factors listed above together end up resulting in reduced operating costs. It is also worth remembering that robots have a long lifespan despite requiring the initial investment.

When preventive maintenance is done up to date, the durability of the equipment tends to be much longer.

Disruptive technologies will drive digitization in manufacturing as part of an ecosystem-wide transformation. It is necessary to adapt and seek continuous improvement to face the increasingly challenging competition.

Furthermore, integrating industrial robotics with solutions for planning and managing the shop floor makes it possible to obtain greater control over the flow of operations and continuously optimize processes.

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