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Which Apps Are The Best For Learning Japanese In 2022?

If you’ll be traveling to Japan for work or long-term vacation, learning more than the everyday Japanese greetings should be your goal. Getting a strong grasp of the Japanese language will give you a much deeper understanding of the Asian country’s culture. You can enrich your life tenfold when you invest quality time in learning the Japanese language.

Fortunately, you’ll come across some of the best Japanese learning apps in this post. Learning Japanese, as well as its entire writing systems—including katakana, hiragana, and kanjir—will be one of the most enlightening and enthralling things you’ll ever do in life.

You may opt for offline or online tutor services with a live teacher/coach as well as language schools. There are several ways to learn Japanese. But there’s nothing more enjoyable or fun than learning the Asian language via today’s best well-packaged and focused language-learning apps.

These language-learning applications will help you become fluent in Japanese within a short period. However, if you want to get to native-level Japanese, you must put in the sweaty but enjoyable work.

The Top 5 Japanese Language Learning Apps

The language-learning apps shared in this section will teach you almost everything you need to know about the Japanese language without further ado.

1. Rocket Languages

Rocket Languages is a prominent language-learning application. It has an extensive Japanese language course that teaches you the basics of the Asian language.

The language-learning app has excellent Japanese chitter-chatter covering the day-to-day affairs or situations. More importantly, sound native speakers expertly voice the Japanese dialogues.

Rocket Languages has the following features:

  • Learn the Japanese language and Asian culture at your own pace
  • An easy-to-navigate language-learning application with user-friendly Japanese lessons
  • An excellent option for those who want comprehensive Japanese language courses, etc.

Rocket Languages has a one-time purchase of Japanese language courses set at 3 unique levels or price points. The entire Japanese language course costs $259 — the first level is available at $99.95, while the first and second levels cost $249.90. Rocket Languages doesn’t operate a subscription-based system, unlike other language-learning applications.

2. FluentU

If you’re looking for the best Japanese language-learning application that’ll completely immerse you online, your best bet is FluentU.

FluentU is a robust application that teaches the Japanese language exceptionally well. You’ll learn and master the Japanese language in record time while better understanding the Japanese people and culture.

FluentU provides an immersive experience to its users, including translations, automatic subtitles, as well as transliterations for every Japanese content. You get to watch Japanese ads, movie trailers, and TV clips and listen to music, all with the primary goal of enabling you to speak the Japanese language more fluently and naturally.

The downside to FluentU is that it’s a relatively pricey language-learning app to use, as it costs up to $29.99 per month or $239.99 per annum. You can take advantage of the platform’s free trial before subscribing.

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3. Mondly

The Mondly language-learning application is a superb app for beginners interested in learning the basics of the Japanese language. The app is user-friendly, and users can complete the Japanese language lessons in any order they deem fit. This eliminates the ‘classroom’ feeling that other language-learning apps impose on users.

You can even track your learning stats and progress, helping you stay highly motivated. Here are some of the features the Mondly app offers users:

  • Learn the overall basics of the Japanese language in a quick and easy manner
  • Track your language-learning skills/progress, motivating you even more
  • A user-friendly app
  • Employ the app’s virtual reality and augmented reality features to enhance your learning prowess

The Mondly language-learning app has a free version you can try out before subscribing. The app’s subscription starts at $9.99 each month. But if you opt for a longer subscription, you’ll be given a discount.

4. Busuu

Busuu is a language-learning app with an entire course crafted to help you learn the Japanese language. Native speakers on the platform will correct your pronunciations and writings, and you’ll earn internationally-acceptable certificates you can add to your job applications or resume.

Busuu allows users to sign up for a free account and access a few Japanese lessons. But subscriptions start at $9.99 per month. However, you can pay less if you opt for a longer subscription.

5. italki

italki is a highly sought-after language-learning application anyone can use to find premium Japanese online tutors. Use the app’s filter to locate the ideal Japanese tutor for you. Users can also tell their tutors what they want to study before Japanese lessons commence. Additionally, you can find out if the tutors offer formal Japanese language courses.

Some of the vital features of the italki language-learning app include:

  • Learn Japanese from real native speakers
  • Improve communication skills in the Japanese language
  • Locate the perfect private instructor for you based solely on your budget and needs

Japanese tutors on the italki language-learning application set their prices. The prices often range from $8 to $35 per hour. Japanese conversation lessons cost a bit less in many cases, while specialized language lessons attract hefty price tags.

However, many italki tutors offer a 50% discount for trial lessons. Take great advantage of these offers to find a tutor that matches your needs.


You can learn the Japanese language in several ways, such as subscribing to offline or online tutor services or attending live one-on-one classes run by a Japanese native.

However, learning the Asian language via the several well-packaged language-learning applications highlighted in this post will quickly bring you to speed. You’ll achieve almost native-level fluency within a short period. If you put in the required hard work, you’ll be speaking close to native-level Japanese in a few short weeks.

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