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Why Migrate To MICROSOFT 365?

Microsoft 365 subscriptions bring together various tools and services essential to businesses today. From the Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) to email management tools (Outlook Exchange) or even collaborative tools supported by the Microsoft Cloud such as OneDrive or SharePoint… MICROSOFT 365 is a relevant response to flexibility needs. , mobility or business accessibility.

A Reminder Of Features And Tools Included In MICROSOFT 365 Subscriptions

Outlook Through Exchange

It’s more than a courier service! Users have, via the Outlook interface, their professional messaging service, their contact databases, their calendar(s), their list(s) of tasks, etc.

This tool is also very collaborative and friendly. Your users can share a joint company “Contacts” database. But also share their calendar(s) and easily invite internal or external users to participate in meetings…

In addition, each user has at least (depending on the subscription chosen) 50GB of storage space for their mailbox.

Pack Office

MICROSOFT 365 subscriptions also offer the possibility of having Office Pack licenses: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

These essential online office tools are also regularly updated. Users always benefit from the latest version available.


This space has been designed for collaboration. Users can create teams, projects, and department sites. These sites are veritable collaborative workspaces where each concerned and authorized user can consult, create or modify documents.

Documents inserted in SharePoint are automatically saved to the OneDrive cloud space.

OneDrive for Business

It is a “Cloud” storage space. Each of the MICROSOFT 365 users has 1TB of data. This cloud service provides access to the documents stored there, anywhere, anytime and from any device.

In this unique space, users will still be able to collaborate. Thanks to access rights management systems, it is possible to share, manage, co-edit and modify a document with other authorized users.

OneDrive was built for business. It, therefore, meets safety and accessibility requirements.


It is a collaborative platform dedicated to real-time communication. It is linked to all MICROSOFT 365 apps.

A MICROSOFT 365 workgroup forms a team in Teams. Each team member on this platform can work and collaborate on documents. In particular, thanks to the direct links between SharePoint work sites, Exchange messaging, etc.

This platform brings together all a work team’s conversations, content and applications.

The Benefits Of Migrating To MICROSOFT 365

Switching to MICROSOFT 365 helps to establish a company’s digital transition a little more. In particular, by reinforcing the use and importance of the Cloud.

In addition, we see that companies use many applications in addition to the business software already implemented and essential for the continuation of the activity. An application for instant discussion, another for project management and task assignment, an application for transferring heavy files, an email server, a tool for sharing calendars, a cloud space… So many services require users to multiply manipulations.

However, a new phenomenon that has appeared in companies called “App Fatigue” or “application fatigue” reveals the shortcomings that the proliferation of applications made available to users can represent. Initially planned to facilitate task performance and communication, this phenomenon will have the opposite effect. These investments will therefore prove to be counterproductive.

Migrating to MICROSOFT 365 will, therefore, not multiply applications or investments. Indeed, all the applications will be available and accessible on the 365 Portal, and gateways will allow users to find documents and files on the various tools via automatic synchronizations, therefore without excessive manipulation.

Finally, automatic and regular updates allow internal or external IT support to focus on other aspects of their business because Microsoft will support these tedious tasks.

Prepare Well For Your Migration

After presenting all the advantages of migration to MICROSOFT 365, it is still appropriate to alert you to the need to prepare this transfer well.

In addition to the technical aspects of such manipulation, the project will also have to be thought out from the users’ point of view: how to make their task easier? What are their business constraints? How do we ensure data security? and their transfer?…

The tools and services available in MICROSOFT 365 subscriptions can today be considered essential in the organization of companies.

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