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Rage Against The Machine – Why New Tech Means That The Chips Are Down For Casino Cheats

If you’ve ever watched movies such as Casino, Croupier and the Ocean’s Eleven franchise, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the only thing you need to get away with cheating at casino games is a few smarts and a good suit. In the past, this may well have been the case, however, in 2022, most casino cheats are no match for the latest technology used by gambling companies, not only online casino with their top-notch cybersecurity, but also regular casinos. In this article, we’ll take a look at some innovative casino tech that is thwarting the thieves.

On the face of it

These days, most high-end casinos and resorts use facial recognition technology to help with their security. 1080 high definition cameras within a casino record a guest’s every move, as well as using facial recognition to add customer details to a database. For the cheat, this means that dodgy activity won’t go unnoticed for long – and they’ll soon find that their face doesn’t fit and they’ll be shown the door if it appears that they’re up to no good.

The chips are down

One way of cheating a casino is to steal a chip or two – couldn’t be simpler, right? Wrong. Far from being harmless bits of plastic, casino chips are now fitted with radio frequency identification tags to stop thieves in their tracks. Not only does this allow the casino to deactivate them, should they leave the building but, it also means that the House knows how much money is on tables, in pockets and in handbags at any given time.

Appy hour

When you visit a posh casino resort, you’ll most likely be asked to download an app which promises to make your stay more personalised and give you access to discounts and special offers. What the receptionist won’t tell you is that, once activated, the app will keep its beady eye on you throughout your stay. This incredibly sophisticated technology will track your every move and keep an eye on the games that you are playing. It will even calculate the odds of winning outcomes and, therefore, decide whether to keep you at the table and take your hard earned cash – or send a free drink to distract you. Something to think about, next time you happily install that app!

Nowhere to hide

While we’re not saying that it’s impossible to cheat a casino, it’s certainly extremely difficult. Casino owners are aware that, while they’re using technology to stop thieves, the thieves are often using the same kind of kit to get through their defences. For the time being, though, it looks like the casinos are on a winning streak, as there hasn’t been a major scam or heist for quite some time.

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