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Why Should You Care About Artificial Intelligence Callbots?

There are three main reasons why you should adopt a callbot in your business in the future, especially if you get a lot of phone calls.

The Call Bot Improves The Responsiveness And Productivity Of Your Call Center

Despite the diversification of contact channels, the telephone remains the channel of excellence for customers who want to contact your Company. According to a study conducted by Elected Customer Service in 2018, 57% of interactions are made through this channel. This puts it ahead of emails and online forms. In fact, 22% of consumers consider that customer service responsiveness is one of the main criteria for satisfaction. Many requests are still straightforward on the phone and do not add real value to your business. It could be:

  • Order tracking
  • From a return of products
  • An option to stop or renew a service
  • From making an appointment
  • A change in delivery times

However, each request requires the intervention of an advisor on the phone, while the response could be automated. Using a callbot can reduce the processing times for these requests. In the case of insurance, for example, specific requests such as recording an incident such as water damage, glass breaking, etc., only take a call for one or two minutes because it can cut to the chase and summarize requests. This is also the case when you have to deal with peaks in telephone demand.

The most common examples are during one-time events or seasonal periods such as the end of the year, Christmas, etc. During these periods, the volume of calls received by your Company may be relatively high. The call bot may take over if your customer advisors cannot process them simultaneously. In addition, the callbot can provide 24-hour customer service, in French or multilingual, whether:

  • To process requests,
  • To perform other types of processing (example: saving a request),
  • To voice record a command, Etc.

The Call Bot Improves The Customer Experience

With increasing competition, it becomes essential not to lose more customers due to poor customer experience. Be aware that a large number of customers leads to a large number of calls on a wide range of topics. For example, a Company with 1 million customers receives approximately 130,000 calls monthly. This requires around 130 specialist representatives to take care of them. Yet these customers have to queue for about 2.4 minutes. This is a problem because customers don’t like to wait. Because of this, companies can experience an average dropout rate of 10-15%.

Company statistics also show that around 30% of customers choose the wrong option when they come across the autoresponder menu. This results in an even longer wait time of around 110 seconds for the advisor to understand the query. In this context, the role of callbots in companies is evolving. Indeed, advisors no longer need to process a maximum of requests in a minimum of time. Artificial intelligence also has some limitations that are important to take into account.

Callbots Won’t Necessarily Replace Humans

No one can deny it. Artificial intelligence has transformed the customer experience. There used to be questions that human advisors could only answer on the other end of a phone line.

From now on, they can be just as quickly and precisely as a call bot. This makes the customer experience more personalized without needing additional people and positions. Emerging technologies, such as machine learning applications will play an essential role in the development of call bots.

Also, the automatic processing of telephone requests will impact customer interactions in the coming years. This does not mean, however, that the role of humans will be eliminated. Human advisors will continue to participate in 44% of customer interactions. But these interactions will rely heavily on technology and look a little different than they do now. Here’s a look at how customer service agents and intelligent technology will work in tandem to improve the customer experience.

Self-Service Support Becomes More Helpful

It used to be that self-administration support, like information habitats or intuitive voice reaction, was helpful, yet just somewhat. Consider how frequently you’ve paid attention to a two-minute telephone recording to find that none of the choices presented by the replying mail were satisfactory. Later, an ever-increasing number of individuals will get their concerns replied to before they need assistance from a specialist. Furthermore, with the callbot, backing will turn out to be more proactive. This will support self-administration. Notwithstanding, there will continuously be specific issues that will keep on requiring the more sympathetic critical thinking abilities that a human specialist can have.

Human Interactions Will Move Away From The Phone

While it generally differs, 40% of all client support collaborations are finished via telephone with a human delegate. Notwithstanding, experts in the field anticipate that by 2022, this figure will increase to 12%. Roughly 1,000,000 phone client assistance specialists will see their work disturbed by new advancements. However, these insights don’t show the fantastic open doors for these specialists as different channels become more well known.

These channels address just 11% of help today, yet they could address up to 72% of help in 2022. Human specialists are currently acquainted with a portion of these channels. Specialists will be expected to assist clients with these new connections. Moreover, the force of the human cerebrum and the endeavors they will want to cause will permit them to incorporate these innovations inside their organizations. This will permit them to foster prescribed procedures and train their associates.

Agent-Assisted Self-Service Will Become The Norm

Client relations have forever been a man-to-client issue, and self-administration was restricted to an information community. Subsequently, it is uncommon for clients to get support in more than one manner without delay. Be that as it may, after some time, self-administration has gotten more brilliant, and specialists are presently not accessible to help clients across additional channels. Consequently, more individuals will hope to get help from human specialists and new advancements to tackle their concerns rapidly. A client could, in this way, start their process utilizing a callbot and afterward end their discussion with a human specialist, or the other way around.

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