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4 US 4×4 Trails For You And Your Range Rover

You chose a Range Rover because you’re ready for adventure and you’re going on the trail. Not for you a 4×4 for swanning around in car parks with fake mud splatters! Your aim is to test yourself and your car to the limits, so don’t forget to sign up for that Range Rover extended warranty you were considering. You may just find yourself in need of it! If you’re looking for a shortlist of some of the most interesting offroad trails in the US, then set your sights on these amazing trips. Let’s pack up and head out!

1. The Great Alpine Loop Trail, Colorado

It’s not the Alps, but you could certainly imagine yourself to be there as you navigate some comparatively easy, yet nonetheless definitely-for-4×4 stretches of road. Sure, parts of the route are fine for ordinary cars, but you’ll know the rough stretches when you find yourself being thankful for that extra bit of clearance your Range Rover gives you. Expect ghost towns, incredible vistas, and do time your visit for summer since the best stretches of the road will be closed in winter.

2. El Camino Del Diablo, Arizona

If you’re looking for an ecotourism adventure that delivers far more than you expected, the long desert road traced by El Camino Del Diablo is sure to satisfy. Historically a place where travellers often succumbed to desert conditions, it’s pretty safe these days, but do pack in some extra gas and plenty of water, just in case. While there are rougher 4×4 routes for advanced drivers, this route doesn’t require a great deal of experience to cross – but it’s still not for your standard sedan!

3. Dalton Highway, Alaska

Not exactly everyone’s idea of a “highway,” you’ll get to test your 4×4 on gravel, rock, and a very long road: 414 miles of it! Don’t expect to see any amenities on route. There aren’t any. In fact, Fairbanks, 70 miles from where it begins, is the closest city on your radar. While the road itself doesn’t present any obstacles you can’t overcome in a 4WD vehicle, it’s a long and arduous one through some very isolated territory. Be prepared to fend for yourself and don’t be too sure of mobile phone signal. Citizen Band radio is the likeliest way to summon help if you end up needing it.

4. Washington Backcountry Discovery Route, Washington

Head out through a diversity of different landscapes on a 4×4 route that also offers creature comforts. You’ll find your share of the excitement when navigating precipitous roads without guardrails and trying out your Range Rover’s mettle on some really steep gradients. Expect to need 5 to 6 days to make the trip and enjoy that ride.

Start off Easy, and Get Some Training Before You Hit the Big Ones!

If you’re new to off road driving and 4×4 driving skills, you will need a little practice and some training in how to overcome the obstacles that back-country routes will throw in your way. Sharpen up your skills on some of the easier routes first, and take a very well-planned approach to the ones crossing harsh and unpopulated landscapes. Before you go, get a full service, and tell your mechanic about the terrain you intend to cross. But amidst all these preparations, get yourself ready to have fun! It goes with the territory!

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