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5 Best 360 Assessment Tools

Feedback is vital for growth and development, be it for a product, brand, or business. A product grows when its users, both within and outside the organization, provide feedback and work continuously to improve its features. Similarly, a brand or a business grows with valuable feedback from its customers.

Now let’s take the case of an employee working with an organization. When this employee receives timely and constructive feedback from his peers, manager, and other juniors/seniors, it presents an opportunity for the individual to understand his/her strengths and weaknesses. This results in the personal development and engagement of the individual as well as the team in general.

With the teams improving their performance and working better towards their goals, the organization also grows – both in revenue and in values. What is the best way to provide timely feedback to employees?

Meet 360 assessments.

360 assessments, also known as 360-degree feedback or 360 evaluation, is a way of measuring the performance of your employees in a full-fledged manner.

Such performance assessments involve feedback from a subject’s superiors, peers, co-workers, subordinates and staff. Full-fledged not only denotes the evaluators involved but also includes the evaluation criteria. In a 360 assessment, an employee is evaluated on the basis of various skills such as leadership, teamwork, communication and more.

So how do organizations conduct 360 degree reviews?

This is where a 360 assessment tool comes into play.

What is a 360 assessment tool?

A 360 assessment tool facilitates the smooth conduct of employee performance evaluations, providing insightful reports and personal development plans.

You might be now wondering where to find the best 360 assessment tools. Worry not! We have for you a list of top 5 360-degree feedback tools that could help you boost employee productivity and achieve those milestones.

Better outcomes, here we come!

1. SurveySparrow

If your organization takes employee assessment seriously and is on the hunt for the best 360 evaluation tool, then SurveySparrow is your best bet. With highly engaged, personalized and anonymous 360 evaluations and reviews, the platform goes miles to ensure employee productivity and organizational growth.

Let us now take a proper look at all the features which set apart SurveySparrow as one of the best 360 assessment tools in the market.

  • Intuitive 360 assessment survey builder involving sections and various question types such as opinion scale (likert scale), text input and thank you pages.
  • SurveySparrow’s 360-degree feedback tool provides the ability to add parameters such as subject name, email, job title etc. in the welcome page, thank you page, and in all questions.
  • Highly customizable survey design which allows you to change colours, fonts, button styles, themes and background images to help you represent your brand in the best way. CSS customization capabilities are also available. You can either choose an existing theme (and edit it, if necessary) or build one from scratch. Preview options are available inside to help you understand how the survey would appear for an end user.
  • Invite participants by either uploading a CSV file or adding manually.
  • Customizable email templates to send notifications to subjects, evaluators and approvers at different stages during the 360 assessment. This includes onboarding, choosing evaluators, invitation to self-assessment, reminders and so on.
  • Insightful and customizable reports which involve an introduction, competency summary, strengths, blind spots, hidden strengths and areas of improvement. Gap analysis is facilitated using a radar chart.
  • A section is available in the 360 report to include a detailed feedback as well as a personal development plan.
  • Employee portals to readily track the assessment.
  • Ability to set cut-off date for 360 assessments.
  • You can filter the assessment results by self assessed, partially evaluated, evaluation complete, report pending, and report ready.
  • Download(in PDF) or review the 360 report of each subject.
  • Manager & Admin dashboard to help managers and admins analyze, compare and correlate data and make the right decisions.
  • Multiple share and integrations options.

SurveySparrow as a 360-degree feedback tool helps automate and conduct surveys at the desired time intervals, ensuring complete anonymity. Yet another highlight is that this multi-UI platform offers both chat-like surveys and conversational forms, at its highly reasonable price. Organizations also get to identify the channels that fetch them great responses. Customer support is made readily available on the platform.

2. SurveyMonkey

This 360 feedback tool helps organizations align their teams and departments to develop a proper approach to fulfill goals. A look into the features of this survey platform:

  • SurveyMonkey lets you collect employee performance feedback anonymously through their plain and simple surveys.
  • Customizable survey forms to help you assess employees conveniently.
  • Ability to create 360 surveys in minutes, which helps save lots of time.
  • Availability of readymade templates and a variety of question types.

All in all, SurveyMonkey offers a decent 360 feedback software. You might still be able to find alternatives to the platform considering its pricing and customer support possibilities.

3. Typeform

This platform enables organizations to collect performance feedback from the whole team. Now on to the features which complete this tool.

  • Customizable 360-degree feedback surveys
  • Typeform offers its users the ability to include or exclude questions, customize designs and change the logic accordingly.
  • You can share mobile-friendly forms through different online channels.

As a popular tool and one of the best form builder apps, Typeform is clearly an intuitive platform eventhough its pricing is on the steep side. Its customer support is also considered to be inadequate.

4. Alchemer

As an online survey platform, Alchemer’s 360 tool helps build and manage assessments easily. The features of this performance evaluation tool are:

  • Ability to easily build a survey after uploading a CSV file with the respondent details.
  • Automated and personalized reports which help with an easy evaluation process.

Alchemer can be considered as one of the best 360 assessment tools in the market despite its steep learning curve and unreliable customer support.

5. SpiderGap

SpiderGap is a dedicated 360 feedback and assessment tool and one of the best in the industry. Let’s take a look at its features.

  • Ability to customize questionnaires that help assess employees, be it a small or large number.
  • Customized reports powered by a drag and drop interface.
  • SpiderGap provides the subjects with an option to choose their evaluators.

As a cloud-based software, SpiderGap does justice to its 360 tool despite its high pricing.

Taking employee engagement a notch higher

360 assessment tools are a treasure when it comes to improving employee engagement and productivity. Honest, constructive and timely feedback has the power to change the way a team performs, positively impacting the organization’s performance and efficiency. The right 360 degree feedback tool can do wonders for any organization. Choose your tool wisely and bring about the right change. More power to employee experience!

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