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5 Formulas For Creating Copy For Sales

Sales copy is a text aimed at converting leads. Follow the content and see the main formulas used in this approach and tips to boost your business’s conversions.

Articles, texts, posts… quality and well-written content are fundamental in Digital Marketing strategies.

At the top and middle of the sales funnel, these materials aim to attract and educate leads throughout their purchasing journey. At the bottom of the funnel stage, the strategy must use more direct, engaging texts that can influence the purchasing decision.

This is where sales copy comes in, a format for convincing potential customers to complete a deal. Clear messages are designed with a strategy that follows good copywriting practices.

What Is A Sales Copy?

Copywriting is a technique focused on persuading and converting. In other words, a text is created to sell a product or service to a potential customer.

Practically, sales copy is an approach companies use to show their leads everything their solutions offer them.

Every day, we receive these messages in advertisements on social networks, emails and offline advertisements, such as banners and brochures. Sales copy is part of our daily lives, whether we realize it or not.

In Digital Marketing, this technique won the favour of writers and became essential for persuading these leads and transforming them into consumers.

Why Is It Essential To Develop Copy For Sales?

A brand that only shows its products to one person will not earn revenue since its efforts do not include something fundamental: sales.

This is why conversion becomes so important during a person’s purchasing journey. Through this, the company transforms a lead into an actual consumer.

But for this to happen, you need a gentle push in the right direction, and this is where sales copy comes in. This writing method aims to persuade that person with messages written primarily for them.

With the right messages, the public is incentivized to purchase since these messages show precisely what they need to see about the brand and its solutions.

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Formulas Are Most Used In Sales Copy

The conversion-oriented writing method has gained some formulas that help produce text that makes sense to the reader and fulfils its primary objective: sales.

Check out some of the main formulas that are part of copywriting:


AIDA is one of the best-known approaches when it comes to sales copy. This is because its structure follows important points that catch the reader’s attention and show exactly what they should do.

The acronym means:

  • Attention: with so much information available to the user at all times, the text must first gain their attention in a direct and thought-provoking way;
  • Interest: starting from attention, it is time to gain interest so that the person continues reading until the end;
  • Desire: what does this person gain from reading this message and consuming this product? Why should she choose your brand? This is where it must be shown what makes the company worth choosing this lead;
  • Action: after all these steps, it’s time for the call to action (CTA). This is where the coordinates should be to show the lead what they should do next.


In the original English acronym, Problem-Agitate-Solve, PAS is the sales copy formula based on the stages of “problems”, “agitation”, and “solution”.

  • Problem: identify the problem that the product or service solves, create identification with the public’s pain points;
  • Agitation: explore the consequences that the problem can cause to the lead, agitate and intensify;
  • Solution: propose a redeeming solution to eliminate the problem and all its negative impacts.


FAB is an approach that directly shows the characteristics of the product, the advantages it offers and its benefits. Thought-provoking, right?

Find out what the acronym means and how to put it into action:

  • Features: the product characteristics must be clear and detailed because they must serve as the basis for the next stage;
  • Advantages: when presenting advantages, the company must be honest and transparent, showing how its solutions solve the lead’s needs;
  • Benefits: the benefits of the product are inserted so that the lead understands how exactly their needs will be met and why they should trust the company and purchase its solutions.


BAB is an approach that creates a short story that shows the lead exactly which path to take to meet their needs and the benefits of doing so.

Check the meaning of the acronym:

  • Before: before refers to the problem, need or desire that the reader has;
  • After: in the after, the solution to this problem or the fulfilment of the desire is presented;
  • Bridge: the bridge, or the path, is how this reader will reach your destination; this is where the company’s solution is presented.


Finally, we have a model with the ideal structure to attract the reader’s attention through the mental trigger of urgency.

Check out the 4U’s approach:

  • Practical: it is essential to show how the company’s solution can solve a reader’s need;
  • Urgent: it is necessary to create a feeling of urgency so that the lead makes the purchasing decision more quickly so as not to miss an opportunity;
  • Unique: by showing the benefits and advantages of the solution, the company ensures that the reader understands how its product is unique and can help them;
  • Ultra Specific: getting straight to the point and being clear saves the lead time and allows them to decide more quickly.

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