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Adobe Illustrator: New Features To Try Now

A graphic designer or a simple graphics and illustration enthusiast cannot fail to know a fundamental tool that always amazes us for its incredible functionality and for what it allows us to achieve. Adobe Illustrator is the industry program for vector graphics, the tool used by various categories of designers and graphic designers worldwide to create illustrations, logos, graphics, infographics, comics, and cartoons. We remember the peculiarity that is the strength of Illustrator. With this program, vector images can be scaled to infinity without losing quality and much less definition.

Adobe Illustrator And Its New Features

One of the improvements for a user is undoubtedly a priority is performance. We are talking about the speed of loading, opening, and saving documents which, in the Adobe Illustrator 2021 version, are significantly improved. In particular, the saving phase, which was the one that used to waste a lot of time, is now done in the background, and this is a great advantage, especially when working on heavy files. We can list below all the news that the people of graphic designers and designers have greatly appreciated:

Recoloring Function

One of the new features of this updated version of Illustrator is the recoloring function; this feature has been improved and allows you to add variations to the coloring.

Color Theme Selector

Just choose the color theme from any image or design using the appropriate color theme selector tool and apply it to the themes of your projects. You can choose the themes already present in the library or create custom themes.

Font Improvements

Another critical step forward in the latest version of Illustrator concerns the improvements of the font: the alignment of the text vertically, the height, and the font variations. Very useful for aligning text and objects with maximum precision

Align With Edges Of Glyph

With the new version of Illustrator, it is now possible to align objects precisely with the visual limits of the glyph or the graphic sign.

Advanced Glyph Hooks

The snap to advanced glyph feature allows you to snap graphics components precisely to the edges of the text or glyph. Just choose a snap-line option; you will see guides as you move objects around the text.

Enhanced Cloud Documents

As for the Illustrator cloud, some advancements have also been made here. Here’s what you can do:

  • Adobe Photoshop cloud documents can now be embedded in Illustrator documents.
  • you can smartly access previously saved versions of cloud documents, preview and restore previous versions.
  • You can make your cloud documents available offline.

Adobe Illustrator: The Freedom To Create

With Illustrator, you can create, edit and work on your projects wherever you are. In addition to the classic desktop version, with this incredible software, you can also work on the iPad and manage your projects offline. The cloud can synchronize files and allow us to resume work whenever we want. A flexible program able to adapt and communicate with its cousins ​​from Adobe, the first of all Adobe Photoshop, the particular photo retouching program, the two programs together create the perfect combo for those who want to work in the world of digital graphics. All projects created with Adobe Illustrator allow you to adapt, thanks to vectors, any shape and size, without ever losing quality. This is the strength of a versatile and adaptable program for different projects. So why not start and maybe even make it a profession?

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