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Basic Cable Packages And Channels Guide 2022

People might think that the users for cable are declining, but it still does have a strong and loyal viewership that is not at all leaving it behind in 2021. Why would you want to cut the cord when you have live TV in your hands and you do not have to wait for anything on the streaming platforms, isn’t it fun, to hold the power of spoilers? If you are here intrigued by the cable, or maybe are just making a switch and need to know how to activate cable TV channels, we have got you covered.

It can be as simple as you contacting your chosen provider. It is a very critical step; to choose the right cable service provider, also with excellent customer service. If you choose Xfinity for example, you can contact Xfinity customer service and they can guide you regarding any of your queries and you will not be disappointed.

However, since you are here, let’s get into the basic cable packages and the channels guide that you can use in 2022.

Why Should You Get The Cable?

A cable TV subscription comes with a slew of advantages. Among the most important ones are;

  • You’ll need at least a basic cable or satellite TV package to watch your favorite teams and sports if you’re a sports lover. You might be able to watch the game later or receive highlights online, but nothing compares to the thrill of seeing it live. While you may be able to access live sports broadcasts where you live, many people do not.
  • If over-the-top services entice you with the flexibility to watch whatever you want, cable and satellite TV packages provide you with that freedom plus more. Thousands of On Demand titles are accessible when — and when — you want them with most cable providers.
  • You’ll be relying heavily on your internet connection when using streaming services to watch your favorite episodes and movies. It can be difficult to rely on internet speed to watch your shows, especially during peak traffic times when internet connections can slow. Whereas for the cable connection you have no such thing to worry about and you know you have a smooth connection you can rely on.

Therefore, having a basic cable connection can be very useful for you. You could most certainly discover a cable TV subscription is the best option for you.

Basic Cable Packages

We have gathered the best cable packages for you that you must look into.

CBS, FOX, ABC, PBS, and other local and public access stations will be included in basic cable TV packages. Although some expanded plans include premium cable channels such as Disney Channel, MTV, ESPN and Fox News Channel. Nevertheless, they are still limited in comparison to advertised cable bundles.

The best ones and recommended providers and the packages are below.

Cox Basic Package

PlanNumber of ChannelsPrice
Contour TV Starter75+$50/mo.

Cox is a cable TV provider that has the majority of your favourite channels, good on-demand entertainment, and a good DVR. Cox is now one of the few TV providers that allow you to package four services: TV, home security, internet and a landline. However, since you are only looking for the basic cable package, the Contour TV starter is the one for you. With more than 75 channels this one will have all your basic needs figured out. The most prominent channels include;

TelemundoCWTrue Crime NetworkUnivision

Xfinity Basic

PlanNumber of ChannelsPrice

Consumers can choose from a variety of Xfinity channel bundles, ranging from basic to digital premier. Xfinity tv bundles include channels ranging from 10 to 260, making it simple to get what you need. Many major networks, as well as education, government, and public-access channels, are included in the Basic cable bundle. The prominent ones include;



PlanNumber of ChannelDownload SpeedPrice
Optimum 300 and Basic TV50+300 Mbps$55/mo.

For individuals trying to save money and only require 50+ channels, the Optimum 300 and Basic TV package is an excellent choice. Not only a quality cable connection but also a basic internet plan as well. Another bonus point for Optimum is that you do not need to sign any contracts. The channels included in the basic plans are;



The aforementioned are the best basic cable packages out there that you can opt for if you are planning on getting simple plans instead of expanded ones. However, you must bear in mind that the channels will depend on where you live.

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