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Best Gadgets That Promote The Green Initiative

The world we live in is in desperate need of our attention. We may be progressing a lot when it comes to the newest technologies to make our lives easier, but, some of this very technology and progress is actually harming our environment and making it unhabitable. If we don’t pay heed now, we might soon end up regretting.

Not all technology is bad though. In fact, there are some gadgets out there that not only make your lives easier, but also contribute towards a healthier environment. Today, we will shed light on these gadgets that you can incorporate in your lives.

This list includes gadgets ranging from solar phone chargers to wooden keyboards. Let us not delay it any further and have a look at these phenomenal gadgets.

The Stroom Master System

Not only will this device reduce your power consumption, but it will also prevent aby pollution that is generated from the wiring installed in your homes and offices. The power lines that run inside the walls of offices and homes create a type of pollution known as EMF pollution. It suppresses that pollution and similar pollution in the surroundings as well.

As compared to other electricity filters, the Stroom Master system is relatively quieter and more efficient. The built-in SPIRO® technology is its inhouse nano-technology that decreases the negative impact of this pollution and microwave exposure.

Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar Panel

Solar energy has become a highly popular source of energy for the common man in recent times. With the cost of solar energy going down drastically, we are now introduced to devices like the Nomad 7 from the manufacturers at Goal Zero.

The Nomad 7 Solar Panel is built to be the perfect portable and reliable power source for people on the go. You can easily attach this solar panel to your backpack, and charge your mobile devices with USB and 12V connectors. The device also stores enough power within itself so that you may easily be able to charge your devices at night as well.

Water Pebble

We are all guilty of wasting water while washing dishes, clothes or taking a bath. We may not realize it at the moment but an ample amount of water goes down the drain; it is completely wasted and never be utilized again.

The Water Pebble is an impeccable device that compels you to save all that water. You can conveniently place the device near the drain. After doing so, the programmed water limit on the device alerts you when you have used your water quota for the session. This way, you can play your part as an eco-friendly resident of this planet.

Impecca Full Bamboo Keyboard And Mouse

You may be using the best Mediacom internet plans that not only brings you high-speed internet,, but also protects you from any threats lurking online with its security suite. However, as a responsible citizen it is your duty to take care of the ennviornment even when you are going online and you can do that by adopting simple things such as the Impecca Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse.

Impecca has brought a revolutionary keyboard and mouse combo that contributes to a greener environment as well. These handcrafted gadgets are made out of biodegradable bamboo. Apart from having a rather vintage look, the devices do not compromise on their performance either.

The keyboard keys are covered with the smoothest wooden layer that allows for a comfortable tap and easy typing as well. The mouse is also covered with the same material that focuses on the perfect grip for your palms. Both devices can be easily connected via USB ports with your Windows 10 computers and MACs.

Vitamix FoodCycler FC-30

When you are busy in the kitchen preparing an extravagant meal or making a healthy shake for yourself, there is a bunch of food scraps that go to waste. Things such as chicken bones, vegetable and fruit peels, and much more are nothing more than ingredients for your garbage bin. The FoodCycler takes care of all this waste for you in a more efficient manner.

The Vitamix FoodCycler easily converts all such wastes into usable fertilizer for your lawn or vegetable garden. The device gradually breaks down all the food waste and the same time prevents the irritating decay odor. Furthermore, the compact design of the device enables you to place it neatly on any corner of your kitchen.

BigBlue USB Solar Charger

Your smartphones are probably the most important gadgets that you carry with you all the time. From socializing with your friends to watching movies to creating presentations for work, there is very little that you cannot do with help from these devices.

One of the most common issues faced with mobile phones is battery drainage. Every now and then, you have to search for the nearest socket to plug your phone. The BigBlue USB Solar Charger, is an amazing device that not only charges your phone, but also allows you to save up on your electricity bill.

This particular solar charger is not only capable of charging your smartphones completely, it can even fill up the battery bar of your laptop. The device is made with high-quality fabric to ensure a longer life. Also, the IPX4 waterproof level makes it certain that your solar charger does not get damaged in the rain.

Philips Hue Smart Motion Sensor

How many times have you found an idle room with the lights turned on? By letting the lights stay on for hours, you waste a significant amount of electricity each day. The Phillips Hue Motion Sensor allows you to switch lights on or off by simply walking in and out of the room.

The lights remain switched on as long as the device keeps detects movement in the room. As soon as the device detects no movement in the room for a period of time, the lights turn off. This way, you won’t need to physically walk over to the switch every time you need to turn the lights on or off.

Summing It Up

We owe it to our planet to utilize its resources in the best way possible. With the help of these devices, you can use these resources responsibly and preserve your planet at the same time. So, play your part in the world to make it greener.

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