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Challenges When Launching An IPTV Service: Watch Out!

You have decided to launch a video streaming service. You want to create video content and share it with your audience. That is fine! But you should also be aware of potential pitfalls you may face during the launch or the operating process. What are they? To tell you the truth, anything can go wrong and be challenging. But in this article, we are going to focus on some of these things.

What are the challenges you can encounter when launching an IPTV platform?

#1. Software

Many companies obtain IPTV software first and then think about whether it matches their business goals. More often they find out that their solution does not meet their demands.

For example, they want to create a subscription-based video streaming service and generate money by allowing viewers to pay for access once in a period of time. But they purchase a solution that maintains only an advertising-based monetization model.

It is better to do a small research, find an article about IPTV solutions and components you need, and get a general understanding. You will save money and time on shifting from one solution to another one later.

Generally, the IPTV solution includes IPTV Middleware, applications, IPTV encoder or transcoder, CDN, and a set-top box. Whether you obtain all of these components or not depends on your goals. It may be that IPTV Middleware and an encoder are enough for you. Or vice versa, you can reach people globally, and that’s why you will probably need all elements.

The trick here is to find a company that offers you all elements you need. We recommend you contact Setplex as it has them all. The team will provide you with a solution that can help you reach your business goals.

#2. Devices

You should keep in mind that viewers will use different devices: smartphones, Smart TVs, laptops, and tablets. You will need to support iPhones and Android devices, the list of which is rather long.

However, there are people who still use analog television and expect it to receive digital signals. You can offer them to obtain a set-top box. It is a device that can let viewers use their analog television to receive digital signals.

#3. Audience

It is essential for your service to continue operating to understand your audience – people who are going to watch your content. Whether you are going to create niche content or not, you should understand your audience’s interests and preferences. Otherwise, you can attract people who are not your target audience.

Do your research and know your viewers. Communicate with them via social media services. There, you can directly ask them about things you are worried about. People will likely share their thoughts and ideas, and you will have many ideas on how to enhance the service.

#4. Customer service

Customer service will help viewers to configure everything so that they can access your service from a device they have. It is better that you have a customer service team that will be there to help your viewers.

Also, a customer service team will be your platform representatives. So, make sure that you hire people who know how to deal with people and their negative or positive attitudes.

Final Thoughts

As we said at the beginning, anything can go wrong during the launch or the service operation. You can even face troubles where you do not expect them. We have described a few things that you should keep in mind and work on before the launch. Mistakes are unavoidable. Everything you can do is to prepare beforehand and be ready for unexpected issues.

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