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Changes In The Automobile Industry

The internet has made people change the way they do their daily tasks. It keeps the world connected and helps everyone find things quickly. The internet has changed the automobile industry with Connected Car Technology, which keeps cars connected.

The vehicle is an IoT device that interacts with other smart devices in the same network. The application of IoT automotive industry has significantly impacted cars by enabling them to connect to the Internet via Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN).

A connected car connects to devices inside the vehicle and devices, services, and networks outside the car, including home, office, and other vehicles. It connects to the internet when requested by the user.

Features of connected cars

Internet connectivity

Connected cars are always connected to the Internet and provide stable wireless network coverage. They enable people to access online apps and services through smartphones, tablets, and other internet-enabled devices.


The connected car notifies the driver about traffic jams, potholes, debris on the road, and car collisions. It can communicate to other devices when there are no other cars on the road at that time. It helps drivers in case of accidents by contacting rescue workers and authorities as needed.


People traveling in the car can enjoy listening to music, podcasts, and Internet radio through their smartphone or tablet. All the internet-enabled devices can function without any disturbances. Voice commands, hands-free control, and the blue tooth can be utilized throughout the journey.


The car helps in navigation through a smartphone or GPS navigation system. It sends text alerts to friends and colleagues about the arrival time, and the driver receives notifications of real-time traffic and weather. People can make payments without leaving the vehicle.

Diagnostics efficiency

The system alerts the driver if the car needs servicing or the battery is about to fail. It supports remote operations like closing the door, starting the engine, or switching on the air conditioning to cool the car. It locates parking lots in the nearby areas and pays for parking.


The Geo-fencing feature of connected cars creates a geographical boundary and alerts people when a driver crosses the boundary. It is helpful to young and inexperienced drivers as it helps avoid accidents.

Vehicle to vehicle communication

Vehicle-to-vehicle connectivity technology in connected cars enables the cars to share information. Vital information like traffic movement, speed limits, and road conditions are shared by the cars, and it helps the driver make decisions while driving.

Types of connectivity in connected cars

  • Vehicle to vehicle (V2V): Cars connect with other vehicles in proximity and share information like speed and location.
  • Vehicle to infrastructure (V2I): Cars connect with road infrastructures like traffic lights, toll booths, and lane markings to facilitate smooth traffic flow and avoid long queues.
  • Vehicle to Pedestrians (V2P): Pedestrians using internet-enabled devices like smartphones can connect to connected cars. They can locate nearby cabs and estimate the time of arrival.
  • Vehicle to Network (V2N): Connected cars can connect to networks like the weather forecast system to find out about the weather conditions of a place while traveling. Similarly, the vehicle can connect with GPS systems to find the best routes.

Benefits of connected cars

  • Better navigation using third-party apps
  • Access to entertainment apps throughout the travel time
  • Advanced safety features reduce collisions
  • Allows to track the car from anywhere
  • Communicate with road infrastructure and the cloud system.

The incorporation of IoT in the automotive industry has made cars smarter, more intelligent, and more connected. The benefits of IoT for the automotive industry are changing the future of vehicles. It ensures a safe, smooth, and comfortable journey for everyone while staying connected with friends, family, and colleagues.

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