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With the Myriad of bookmakers on the Indian Subcontinent, some bookies go under the radar. But with that being said, Parimatch has come out of the woods to create the Parimatch app download. Being only available to the Indian market may seem like a disadvantage but this bookie has capitalized on their local clients to the maximum. India is a Sporting nation with the majority of punters wagering on Sports markets especially cricket betting, given the popularity of the sport. However, the casino is not without its supporters and the bookie also has them in mind providing a great selection of casino games for their enjoyment. The launch of an app has come timely and with most bookies seeking to be as accessible as possible to their customers, will go a long way in helping them meet their targets as an organization. Find out about this bookie as we review their android application.


How to Download on an Android device?

I tried looking for the app on PlayStore but to my surprise, it wasn’t listed. This is usually the case for most applications providing access to games of chance. After some research, an alternative method soon came to light. With their access to Play Store cut off, the bookie provides an apk file to install their app on their customer’s phone. Locating the installer itself was as easy as it could be. All I had to do was visit the main Parimatch website and go to their Downloads section. There, the file is hosted and clicking any of the links provided will save the file to your local storage. This took a minute at most but depending on your internet speed can take even shorter or much longer.

Android installation procedure

Once, the file was saved to the local storage, the last step is triggering the installation. While the app store automatically handles this for us, seeing as this is a roundabout method, we have to do this ourselves. I went to the saved file and opened it. This automatically triggers a security warning which informs you to permit the installation to continue. Not just any application is allowed to modify how your system works and you will need to manually enable it. Once that has been done the installation proceeds as designed and within a couple of minutes, we can get the Parimatch app on our android phone.

iOS device installation procedure

In terms of security, iOS devices are some of the most secure out there. With this in mind, I wasn’t at all surprised to find out that there is no means of bypassing their store policies. This is a tad convenient seeing as you only need to visit their app store to install any application. Installing Parimatch wasn’t at all difficult. Visiting their official app store was all I had to do. Locating the app itself was made easier with the search functionality of the store. After determining the correct application, clicking the install button was the last step of the process. The store app took control of the rest of the process and within a couple of seconds, the official Parimatch app was successfully installed on my iOS device. It was completely similar to the android version in terms of look and functionality.

Why the mobile app is different

With a website and mobile applications, you might be wondering why the app is more marketed as compared to their web portal. An android application comes with several features and advantages as compared to the website. This is because the app gets access to more advanced features that can’t be accessed using web technologies. Some of the advantages that come with using the application include:

Personalization of the betting experience. There is nothing more convenient than getting personalized alerts and features from the Parimatch bookie. Get notified of your favourite team’s upcoming events as well as bet slip results. Now you no longer miss out on your favourite bets and games.

Increased security. With the use of websites, there comes the risk of man in the middle attacks as well as phishing. While using the mobile app, you get assured of the security of the communication protocols used by the bookie and there is a mitigated risk of eavesdropping on their network.

Bonuses for the app users

The bookie has, up its sleeves, several bet types to attract both the rookie and veteran punter to their platform. Some of the bet types include:

  • Single bet: This is a type of bet that consists of only a single event and market. The bet wins if the prediction is correct and normally covers only a single market.
  • Accumulator bet: This type of bet consists of events on more than one event. The odds are accumulated, hence the name, and will only be won if all the predictions are correct. Despite providing higher winnings, the bet also comes with increased risk to the customer.
  • Casino bet: This is a bet placed in the casino section of the bookie’s markets. The bet consists of only a single bet on a single game in the casino section and wins should the prediction be correct.

How do I log in using the app?

Should you be a member of Parimatch, you might be wondering how to access your account. Provided you know your accurate login credentials, then this should be relatively simple. On first launching the app on any platform, the first thing I noticed was I was directed to their login screen. Two blank fields are provided, one for your username and another for your password. Filling these two in and pressing the login button took me to my account. On the first attempt, however, I had made a mistake and fearing that I had forgotten my credentials, I was able to reset them promptly using the Forgot Password functionality. There, I was asked a couple of security questions, which I myself had created when signing up. After I provided my new password and after confirming it, was taken back to the login screen. Filling in the credentials this time around proved successful and I was quickly able to get back to wagering.

Parimatch mobile promotions and bonuses

Parimatch has exciting offers and promotions for its mobile users. Get accumulator bonuses as well as cashbacks when you use mobile applications. A great treat for customers and more avenues to increase their winnings. Their offerings and promotions are in play and users are forced to play more to qualify for more offers and promotions that lead to great winnings. Their odds and markets, especially in regards to cricket, are almost unmatched, and this is their main selling point.

What is the mobile website and its difference from the app?

Sometime before this review, I was in possession of a much older phone, that despite doing what I needed on a day to day, was nonetheless in need of an update. Then something came to me, what if I was still using that phone and wanted the Parimatch app? This is where the Parimatch mobile website comes in. Here you get a mobile-friendly website optimized for Android displays. You get everything you might need on the mobile website with the added benefit of a much more appealing and user-friendly interface.

Sports Wagering

Parimatch as a bookie is not lacking in regards to its sports betting section. With the popularity of sports betting in the nation, Parimatch has the usual assortment of markets available to their customers. With a great emphasis on competition, the bookie gives you cash-out options and in-play betting on all events on their marketplace.

How to create a cricket wager

Cricket is perhaps more popular in India as compared to the country it was invented in. With that in mind, cricket markets carry a large following with any Indian bookie, Parimatch included. Placing a wager on a cricket match is an easy task, to say the least. With the search bar, you can quickly find and locate events on the platform with ease. Clicking the event will take you to a page where all their markets are displayed. Here, after selecting your prediction, you will need to enter your wager in the bet slip. Clicking the Place bet button will then place your cricket bet.

How do I register for a new account?

Joining this bookie is a quick process. The registration page of Parimatch is displayed by clicking the Join button at the top right of their main website. The register option is also displayed below the Log in the button of the app. Here you will find a blank form where you will fill in your details. After agreeing to their terms and conditions as well as verifying the contact information provided, you will be all set and all that would remain would be finding the account to start wagering with this bookie.

Mobile welcome bonus

New users of this bookie are given a great offer to kick off their punter career. A registration bonus is up for grabs for any new punter after registering to this bookie. After successfully completing the registration process, the next logical step would be making a deposit on the platform. Get this, for any amount deposited on the first-ever transaction, the bookie awards you with a bonus amount of the same held in a separate wallet. This amount is not immediately available for withdrawal and as such you will be forced to wager the amount at least three times to get it to your main wallet. After successfully getting my bonus, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the amount is not restricted to a specific market and is valid for all event types and markets on the platform.

Parimatch Payment options for mobile users

With this bookie, you get all the financial tools you might need to transact to and from the bookie. Mobile wallets such as Skrill and Neteller are easily available to the customers. Other options such as UPay and Netbanking are well integrated with this bookie. Of course, the traditional VISA, MasterCard and wire transfers are also available to their customers.


Parimatch is a great bookie all-around and provides what many a punter may be in search of. Their mobile app does what it purports to and that is to get an android channel to Parimatch. Their bonuses and promotions are decent enough but their main selling point is their cricket markets, which are understandably very popular. A great bookie for cricket punters in India with great payouts and very straightforward operations.

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