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Email And Website: The Perfect Digital Tools For Your Business In 2022

Not just social. Why should website and email marketing be present in your online strategy in 2022?

2022 has begun. It is time for good intentions, new beginnings, and to experience something different.

Your business also needs to project itself towards an increasingly numerous audience, perhaps towards new challenges and increased turnover.

So let’s try to understand what cannot be missing in the digital strategy this new year.

What can we expect from an increasingly connected world and turn to the net for its demands?

The real news is that not everything is new. Great protagonists, also in 2022, the website and email marketing are confirmed.

Surprised? Let’s see together why these tools always work better.

Is It Still Useful To Have A Website In The Age Of Social Media?

Yes. There is no doubt. A site for your business is necessary for a context such as the current one, characterized by a strong link between people and the web.

Don’t be fooled by social media; they are just the other side of the coin. We explain ourselves better: website and social networks are two tools for your online business that are not mutually exclusive; on the contrary, they can perform better if they work in synergy.

So here’s what benefits a website can bring to your business in 2022.

10 Good Reasons To Have A Site In 2022

A Website Is Always Accessible

You can be found anytime, anywhere. Reservations and views are also made on holidays or outside business hours.

Become Your Online Business Card

You can introduce yourself to your customers and open the doors of your company by sharing only a link. People will find your services online, always up-to-date information, and will be able to communicate with an official source.

You can give details on news and activities in real-time, without being bound to the printing, for example, flyers or brochures, gaining immediacy and saving economically.

Build Customer Loyalty

We have just mentioned it; you can speak directly with your audience, offer discounts, and update on the news.

A site ensures you a space for dialogue by simply creating a section like a blog. Organize it by taking into account the issues of interest to the public and taking care of the SEO to answer the doubts of your audience and involve them.

Strengthen The Corporate Brand Identity

Having a site means highlighting an image in step with the times, professional that allows you to show who you are, the style, and the plus.

It will have to reflect the corporate graphic line and your communication style. And it can evolve with the brand as it grows.

You can adapt structure and content to your brand identity to remain consistent and distinguishable in the eyes of your audience.

Builds Authority

The customer is welcomed in a safe, transparent, and reliable space. Make sure you respect the main parameters to ensure a good user experience. In short, it takes care of layout, loading speed, and safety certificates.

Do you want to give great prominence to the aspect of professionalism? We suggest you purchase the domain.

It often seems like a sideline, yet the website is the only platform you own. Consequently, so are the contents. You always have the certainty of checking and having access to what you publish. On the contrary, this is not always true for social networks.

Leverage Inbound Marketing To Help You Outrun The Competition

Thanks to the site, you can do inbound marketing, which is to be found by those looking for you when they are looking for you, and respond to your audience when they need you.

Everyone is looking online, even your potential customers. Not being present is equivalent to not reaching millions of people.

And when they don’t find you? They are aimed at your competitor.

Possibility Of Direct Sales With E-Commerce

Open an online shop to sell your products. Leverage the site to go beyond geographic boundaries and hook new people.

Even in the case of services, you can propose an online catalog and keep in touch with the most distant customers.

Advertising Online

You can promote a specific service and turn visitors into customers by creating landing pages.

A site can support important advertising campaigns both thanks to the large audience you can target and lower costs compared to traditional advertising.

Do not forget what we saw at the beginning of this roundup of benefits: websites and social networks work together, giving space to connect with social profiles. Positive feedback is guaranteed.

Simplify Business Processes

It helps in the optimization of the times to manage some functions. You can reduce or automate some activities. An example? Think about the time you could save by sending out quotes.

Provides Statistics On The Target

It helps gather information on user behavior on the site and evaluate what your audience is asking for.

A great selling point of the site is that it provides you with relevant visitor data. How many people have seen your pages? And what actions did they take? What are they looking for? Where does their buying process stop?

Find the answers to these questions, and you will know how to bring your content and offers to captivate audiences.

Is The Email Dead?

If you think that emails have been supplanted by all the other tools we use every day, such as social media, WhatsApp, and Google, you are wrong.

Emails still occupy a great deal of space in everyday communication. Not convinced? Let’s take a look at a couple of data:

  • The number of users actively using email will increase in these years and is expected to reach 4.3 billion people in 2023,
  • 49% of consumers are willing to receive promotional material from their favorite brands.

These two values ​​are enough to understand how much email marketing is more alive than ever, and, indeed, it is a tool that should be learned how to best use to generate profit and retain customers.

Email continues to be used every day in personal, business, and commercial communications.

If you’re not already doing it, 2021 is your time to collect your visitors’ emails.

A unique way of collecting emails is to create additional content and make it available only to people who subscribe to your list.

Once you have a list, you can receive traffic by informing everyone of the latest news from your site and thus get views.

What Does Email Marketing Allow You To Do?

There are mainly 3 ways you can use email to communicate with the public. Let’s see them together.

Communicate Personally And Directly

You can rely on email for:

  • Send updates on news that may be of interest to customers,
  • Periodically ask for opinions or feedback on products and services,
  • Give targeted advice to solve specific problems of the public.

This type of communication is perfect for nourishing the relationship with the customer, accompanying him in his difficulties, and becoming his point of reference.

Propose Targeted Offers

The second type of communication that can be pushed with email is promoting services and periodic or specific offers for a certain number of customers.

You can decide to create an offer from your services to acquire new customers or regain lost ones.

Create Brand Awareness With Audiences Who Don’t Yet Know You

This is the most exciting way to use email marketing and allows you to make a name for yourself in the circle of potential customers.

What does “make brand awareness ” mean? It means creating and raising awareness of your brand in the minds of people who don’t yet know you.

Let’s talk about those who may need a product or service you offer but haven’t come across your name yet.

Why is email so effective in this type of communication? Because it allows you to create a continuous and personal relationship with the person concerned so that they see you as a point of reference for solving their problems.

For the online success of your business, don’t forget your website and email marketing. They can give you great possibilities in 2021 as well.

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