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Fixing The Problem Of An Underperforming Macbook

There will come a time when you are stuck with a Macbook that is not running optimally anymore. It might have been great at first, but sooner or later, every computer owner is bound to end up in a similar situation.

Of course, there is no reason to think that buying a new Mac is the only way out. No, there is still a lot you can do. But before you can start, you will need to find out what the cause is. Here are some of the most common reasons and solutions when it comes to a slow Macbook.

Reason #1 – Abundance Of Viruses

Cybersecurity threats like viruses and malware can get out of hand rather quickly if you are not careful. For instance, a chrome notifications virus has been known to cause a lot of issues for Mac users recently. It drains the processing power of a computer and noticeably slows down the overall performance.

Dealing with the viruses before they start running rampant is the best course of action. Be proactive and take the necessary measures. Install a reliable anti-malware tool and have it consistently scan the system for potential threats.

Sticking to a virtual private network while browsing will also help. As will avoiding shady websites and not clicking on files that people have sent you via email or using other means.

Reason #2 – Lack Of Free Disk Space

Lack of Free Disk Space

Running out of storage space for Macbooks is quite common. The hard drives do not provide that much, and it can be hard figuring out what files to keep and what files to discard.

Leaving a few gigabytes of free space is not going to cut it. A hard drive should have more free space than that.

If you are struggling, consider subscribing to streaming services and eliminating the need to keep large media files on the computer. Transferring some data to clouds and external storage devices will also give you more space.

Finally, look to remove temporary junk like caches, as well as old applications, downloads, email attachments, and any other unnecessary data, like language packs for applications.

Reason #3 – Poorly Optimized Application Usage

Activity Monitor will show you which applications are consuming the most resources. Sort the processes and look at the ones that are on top.

There will be some you cannot remove simply because they are integrated into the system and are necessary to ensure that things are running smoothly. However, if you see an app that is consuming too many resources and can be removed or replaced, go for it.

Reason #4 – Cluttered Desktop

Cluttered Desktop

A cluttered desktop is not something you should end up with, especially if the resources of the computer are already at their limit.

You see, each icon is rendered when users switch back and forth between the desktop and another window. There might be a point where using the Mac becomes more or less impossible.

Do not get in the habit of cluttering your desktop with files. Even if it may seem convenient, there is a search function that you can use and find any files on the computer.

Reason #5 – Dust And Dirt Inside

Accumulation of dirt and dust could also get out of hand if you are too lazy to clean the filth inside regularly. And do not think that getting a cooling pad is going to solve the issue of overheating and loud fan noises.

While the accessory is great, you still need to remove the dust thoroughly and not risk damaging the internal hardware of the Macbook. And in case you have no experience taking the computer apart to clean the dirt inside, find a service store and take it there. The cleaning process is delicate and requires experience.

Reason #6 – Lack Of Updates

Click the update button whenever you see that there is a new version out. And the same thing applies to every application you use, not just the OS.

Even smaller patches can still make a big difference. Stability, security, and other improvements will ensure that there are no holes from the system’s end, and you can continue using the Macbook without any hiccups.

Reason #7 – Memory Leaks

Memory Leaks

Memory leaks can become too problematic. Apps that have been up for a long time start to distribute memory wrongly, and it becomes noticeable after a while.

The simplest solution to prevent memory leaks is regular restarts. Restart the computer every few hours.

Reason #8 – Visual Effects

A lot of visual effects are enabled by default, and if you are a pragmatic person, there is no reason to keep them that way. The Dock, Mail, and other applications are already consuming resources and putting a toll on the system. Having visual effects that offer no merit is not worth it.

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