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Four Advantages Of Process Automation For Your Company

Discover The Hidden Potential Of Your Employees

Why should your employees spend their working hours on routine, recurring administrative tasks instead of focusing on value-adding activities? For example, the manual, time-consuming entry of expense reports can be omitted. Instead, the person responsible deals with the evaluation of spending trends. In this way, you sustainably reduce operating costs.

By scheduling employee appraisals, such optimization potentials are uncovered. This gives rise to ideas to standardize and automate various manual, time-consuming human resources or financial accounting tasks. Tasks become processes. This gives your employees more time to fill their working hours with strategic tasks.

Create A Better Mood In The Company

After all, each of your employees has certain qualities, talents and preferences that the company must exploit positively. You can use these qualities by assigning strategic roles to your employees. All the more, these employees will promote company growth. Give your workforce the necessary freedom and target further training opportunities.

Then, in coordination with them, you can introduce IT solutions that demonstrate the advantages of process automation daily. And not only that, your employees will thank you for the trust you have placed in us. Both her performance, as well as employee retention and satisfaction increase. Furthermore, this means that value and growth opportunities are opened up for your company.

With Process Automation, You Reduce Costs And Save Time

This article’s beginning reported the cost losses due to inefficient administrative processes. This applies above all to the administrative area. If only various company processes are mapped by a combination of paper and software-technical island solutions, there will be no improvement in sight. You can only achieve savings by automating processes and linking them through a central system. Both cost and time are related. Manual processes are indeed inefficient. Most medium-sized companies can tell you one thing or two about that. You swallow up productive working time every day, stress your employees and slow down all sales-relevant value creation processes.

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Fewer Communication Breaks Despite Location-Independent Work

How strong are the corporate divisions in your company connected? The more closely the areas are linked, the more efficiently and productively you can control and optimize your business.

If this strong connection also means data centralization of these areas on a technical system level, the advantages for your company are multiplied. After all, you will have all of your business-critical data across departments and, in real-time, network with one another in one IT system.

When all departments such as purchasing, production, human resources, accounting and sales are seamlessly linked, the communication processes are much easier. Incidentally, not only internally. Your customer and supplier relationships will benefit from this as well. Based on the networked company areas, you can also optimize the degree of automation of these coupled company processes in a more uncomplicated manner to achieve further advantages.

The Spatial Distance No Longer Plays A Role

Create new job opportunities for your employees. With process automation as the basis, the physical distance between your employees or departments no longer plays a role.

A location-independent way of working or a link to colleagues in the home office gives you new advantages in inefficient work.

As a result, tasks are distributed more efficiently and processed faster. Affordable technological options (e.g. workflow apps ) make this possible. For example, the technical review and approval of invoices can be carried out from any device regardless of location. This gives your company flexibility and speed. The motivation to work in the company also increases.

Avoid Mistakes And Strengthen Your Data Security

Every task that an employee has to do manually is prone to errors. In other words, the user is a potential source of error or danger if he does his job manually. Such a scenario can occur when posting outgoing invoices manually. Your employee is stressed, has time pressure, or cannot concentrate for a few moments. As a result, invoices may be processed sub-optimally, incorrectly filed or incorrectly forwarded.

As a result, sales may be missing, and both your accounting and your entire company suffer from this inefficiency. After you have automated all manual work steps from invoice processing, the error rate in your accounting is significantly reduced. Because data acquisition, approval process and document archiving are processed independently. On the other hand, your employees have time to evaluate data and fine-tune cash flow optimization. In short, they manage to work strategically rather than administratively.

Sensitive data and new guidelines require a rethink

When we talk about the advantages of process automation, we cannot avoid addressing the data security factor. For example, an automated, preconfigured invoice workflow guarantees enhanced data security. While the data is recorded correctly and completely in this case, the information only reaches those employees who are authorized to process this data.

An integrated approval workflow ensures this safe procedure

All data is sent securely and confidentially to the responsible employees. The individual work steps are also checked and logged. At the same time, the statutory retention requirements and strict data protection guidelines, such as the GoBD and GDPR, are adhered to without manual effort. Incidentally, not only does your overview and transparency of your business improve, but you can also look forward to a tax audit.

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