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How To Clean The Smartphone Camera

Cleaning the smartphone camera is simple and requires a few tools such as a brush or microfiber cloth. Solving the problem is simple: arm yourself with patience and carry out some simple camera cleaning operations. What do you say? Don’t have a clue how to clean your phone’s camera? So let me guide you step by step in this operation. We all go through it sooner or later: we take the smartphone to take a picture and realize that the image is unclear or even blurry. Let’s think of a device failure, while much more simply, thorough cleaning of the camera lens may be sufficient.

In general, to ensuring correct operation, electronic cleaning devices, such as smartphones, also extend their operational life. Cleaning should be done especially if we spend a day at the sea, lake or in the mountains, in any case in the open air. Electronic devices don’t get along with heat and humidity. The smartphone must be carefully cleaned of sand, which could damage the visible connectors and scratch the screen, and the camera lens, which could also be made opaque by fingerprints and dirt accumulated over time. Before quickly wiping a towel or the edge of the T-shirt over the lens, here are the tips to properly clean the lens of the camera or flash that we find on the back of a smartphone.

Clean The Camera Lens With A Brush

The best tool for cleaning the camera lens is the round-tipped brush. Being relatively thin, it can dust in depth. Make-up brushes are also acceptable, obviously never used, and have soft bristles.

Clean The Lens With A Microfiber Cloth

Even the microfibre cloth is an excellent ally for cleaning as it is soft and can capture every speck of dust. It also manages to eliminate grease from fingerprints and leave no residue.

Cleaning will certainly not be adequate if we use the classic corner of a cotton t-shirt, as microfiber residues could be released on the camera lens, making the photos even dirtier.

All the soft cloths we usually use to remove dust can be used, but they must not have been washed with fabric softener, which unfortunately leaves streaks on smooth surfaces such as glass.

Clean The Camera With Eyeglass Wipes

When dealing with a camera, we rest assured that eyeglass lens cleaning products are always helpful. The wet wipes usually used to clean and disinfect the lenses were born precisely for this purpose: therefore, they are soft, and the liquid helps eliminate dirt without leaving streaks and other traces. If we do not have the lens wipes for glasses, we can clean the camera with a soft cloth slightly moistened with distilled water, the same used for the iron.

Remove Condensation From The Camera

Finally, if we notice that condensation is present in the camera, i.e., That moisture has entered the lens, we can only try to eliminate it with a ” dry bath. ” We put some rice in a container and inserted the switched-off smartphone into the dry rice. Rice overnight will capture all the moisture present in the smartphone, freeing the camera lens from condensation. This practice will not be enough. However, we will have to bring the phone to assist, where they will disassemble the lens to dry it from the inside.

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