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How To Improve Influencer Marketing With Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft has just closed a contract of more than 10 million dollars with Tyler Blevins, aka Ninja, one of the most famous influencers of online games in the world, to leave Twitch and start streaming on Mixer, Microsoft’s commitment to streaming.

Earlier this year, Tyler Blevins closed a hearty deal with Electronic Arts (EA) with the goal of inviting his more than 13 million followers to watch him play the new Apex Legends. Blevins, with the collaboration of other influencers, managed that the new EA game will register more than 10 million users in just 3 days, increasing the export company’s stock value by 16%.

Within a month Apex Legends already had over 50 million users. To put into context the numbers achieved by EA with this strategy, we could compare them with those of Fornite, the great mass phenomenon, which has 200 million registered users over the years.

Marketing Advantages With Influencers

The collaboration of brands and influencers, people with great visibility and prominence in social networks, is a powerful tool to visualize the products and services of brands in the era of digital transformation in which we find ourselves.

The main benefits of using influencers in advertising campaigns are:

  • Increased visibility of the brand in different digital channels where the influencer enjoys great attention span.
  • Legitimation of the brand’s products and services against the competition due to the influencer’s power of opinion.
  • Greater credibility than conventional advertising.
  • It manages to humanize the brand, giving a more realistic content to the needs of the consumer.
  • Increase the organic positioning of the brand on the internet in search engines (SEO).
  • The investment-benefits relationship is positive for brands, improving the profitability of digital campaigns.

Strategy For A Marketing Campaign With Influencers

Knowing the potential of collaboration with influencers for a brand, we will summarize a series of good practices for the campaign to achieve the desired objectives:

Locate the most relevant influencers

Search and select people with greater visibility on social networks and who share audience niches with your brand. It is very important that the influencer fits with the values ​​and image of the company.

Set The Type Of Collaboration

Before contacting the influencer or his agency, it is necessary to devise a tactic with the type of actions that the brand wants to carry out. Explicitly, the influencer has to be clear about what is sought with the collaboration, when and how the actions will have to be carried out and the requirements that must be met.

KPI Tracking

Monitor the Process Performance Indicators (KPI) in order to measure and analyze the results of the campaign.

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What Impact Does Artificial Intelligence Have On Influencer Marketing?

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), as in other sectors of communication and advertising, is also gaining confidence in marketing with influencers.

The machines’ capabilities in recognizing patterns, automating processes, and making predictions help specialists have a space to manoeuvre to help them achieve their goals.

Select The Right Influencer

With Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (PLN), you can locate and analyze the messages of the most significant influencers related to your industry and then select the one that best suits the needs of the campaign.

Know The Reactions Of The Campaign

Also with the PLN, you can read all the messages, from each of the users, who are interacting with the campaign. Artificial intelligence is able to recognize and analyze the sentiment of the messages and provide a detailed view of what is happening in real-time.

Image Recognition

Image recognition is the ability of a computer system to identify objects, places, faces, writings, and actions through image analysis. This helps the marketer identify relevant influencers and gain a much deeper understanding of when and how their public view images related to your brand.

Determine The True Impact Of The Influencer

By tracking the account, AI-powered systems can hone in on when the influencer is likely to experience an increase or decrease in their influence and adjust incentives accordingly.

The AI ​​tool can monitor interactions to find out which time of year the best results are most likely to be, which day of the week, or what time of day is best for executing marketing actions.

Remove Fake Accounts And Bots

Artificial intelligence is also being used to remove non-real user accounts and end bots that may affect the actual performance of campaigns. This also helps recognize influencers who use fake followers to increase their reputation.

How To Choose The Best AI Tool For Influencers Marketing?

Not all tools on the market offer the same features or have the same effectiveness when analyzing content.

For example, in recognition of natural language and sentiment analysis. Most of the tools on the market have engines designed in English, so their effectiveness decreases when using other languages.

AGORA is a monitoring system for social networks and digital media with a very sophisticated engine designed in Europe. This helps improve the sentiment analysis of interactions noticeably.

For example, widely used phrases such as ” Not bad at all ” are analyzed as negative comments in most of the Market tools. When in Spanish it is known that it is a positive comment. By using 3 negative words the engine is not able to recognize intentionality well. AGORA is designed by Spanish engineers and linguists, so you will get better results by analyzing the comments.


The potential of influencer marketing is on the rise. Brands are satisfied using this option to expose their products and services and consumers love receiving more information using this channel.

Advances in Artificial Intelligence technology and capabilities help establish a point of work for marketers to support each other and achieve desired goals in influencer campaigns.

In summary, AI can be extremely beneficial in influencer marketing campaigns because of its speed, accuracy, and computing capabilities to analyze data better than humans.

With the right Artificial Intelligence strategy and the personal capabilities of a good communication and technology specialist, your company’s influencers marketing campaigns will achieve the success your brand is looking for.

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