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How To Measure Customer Satisfaction: It’s Just A Matter Of Attitude

Innovating, getting each new proposal right and being competitive depends on the business’s ability to improve and adapt to new circumstances. The organizations that do this are the ones that know how to measure customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction: Measures And Changes

To consider how to measure customer satisfaction is to accept that what cannot be quantified cannot be improved. Thus, any of the perspectives that influence the consumer’s purchase cycle may be subject to monitoring to discover what is working and what is not. Using a dashboard, business users and analysts in an organization can access knowledge about:

  • Acceptance of the latest product launch.
  • The relationship of a customer or a segment of them with the brand.
  • The perception of the company.
  • Satisfaction with the service experience.
  • The most interesting sections of the corporate website.

Keep in mind that, although you know how to measure customer satisfaction, to act on it and promote it, you will not only have to take action in the processes directly related to the sales process. The potential of analytics lies precisely in that it enables the business to orchestrate a correct and punctual response, which can involve from marketing to production, from R&D to post-sales service.

How To Measure Customer Satisfaction

The data guides the decisions of the organization and, prior to this work of digesting knowledge, it is essential to define the indicators that will help collect all the information necessary to be able to draw valid conclusions.

KPIs that help know how to measure customer satisfaction need to provide metrics that reflect:

1. General Satisfaction

This can be found out by asking customers directly about their satisfaction with the brand or the organization. Their results will inform about the connection between consumers and business, they will talk about their relationship.

This form of satisfaction is also called relational. What this indicator reflects is the result of repeated exposure to advertising or content, derives from the experience accumulated from various angles and can also be derived from the perception of the purchase process itself.

2. Specific Satisfaction

It is known as transactional and reveals a diagnosis of the perception of customers about a specific aspect of their experience. It can be related to a specific attribute of any of the products, such as a characteristic or its price; but it could also be associated with what happened in each of the stages of the purchasing process. In this case, it could refer to the valuation of the treatment received by the commercial agent or that of the attention provided by the after-sales service.

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How To Measure Customer Satisfaction: Emotion Metrics

In addition to measuring customer satisfaction, it is common for businesses to dedicate part of their analytical resources to find out the excitement they generate in the general audience or in their target audience.

Knowing the position of a potential client before the brand or its values can reveal some unknowns that, if only their satisfaction as a buyer were measured, they would never come to light.

In addition, another benefit of carrying out this type of evaluation makes it possible to rule out segments in which it is not a priority, or not even advisable/profitable to invest.

In this way, priority is given to groups that show greater empathy, affinity or interest in everything the brand implies

To know how to measure customer satisfaction in the future, based on this previous diagnosis of your emotion, it is recommended to use:

Multi-point rating scales: It is convenient to leave aside the binary options, which only give an option to speak for or against, satisfied or not; since they are not as complete and can lead to deviations in the final results.

Different perspectives: There is no need to classify the possibilities offered by a survey of this type and, therefore, it is necessary to try to widen the spectrum of areas on which metrics are collected as appropriate.

Of course, both in terms of satisfaction and emotion, one of the sections of the surveys should be devoted to the product or service. Knowing the opinion of customers about its main attributes, its price, the purchase process, its usability or its quality is a priority when taking measures to improve your experience.

At any level and in terms of how to measure customer satisfaction, the process can be as meticulous as desired. Research can be accommodated in any line, from customer service to social responsibility.

Although it is not a simple project and it takes time to collect data from a sample representative enough to be reliable, the results begin to be noticed as soon as the first actions aimed at solving issues are approved to promote the satisfaction levels.

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