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How To Track Your Child’s Location Safely And Responsibly

We can prepare our children for the realities of the world, but we know that there are dangers we can’t always predict. Children are also curious and don’t always follow rules. There are ways we can try to keep our children safe without crossing their boundaries or refusing to let them experience the world. One of those ways is using tracking software on their phones.

Why Tracking Your Child’s Location Matters

There are positive benefits to tracking your child’s location that don’t have to be an invasion of privacy. When you are looking to broach the subject with your children, it’s helpful to be able to clearly explain to them why tracking their location matters.

Safety Concerns

Location technology can help you see that your children have arrived where they are meant to be, whether it be to their school or to their friend’s house. This makes it much easier to know they are safe instead of having to contact them every time they leave the home.

Peace of Mind

Being able to pull up your child’s location can also give you and them peace of mind, especially should an emergency arise.

Communication and Trust

Knowing where your children are shouldn’t be about control. Instead, it should be about maintaining proper levels of trust and open communication with each other.

Choosing the Right Tracking Method

Letting your child have a phone is a complicated decision, and location tracking and other parental controls can help you feel much better about your decision. However, it can be difficult to navigate all possible options for location tracking.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps like Family Orbit offer you the ability to know where your child is based on where their phone is, but the benefits don’t end there. You are able to see what apps they’re using on their phone or make sure they don’t have access to inappropriate apps. There are also features to alert you when potentially harmful material is detected in your phone usage, such as cyberbullying.

Built-in Phone Features

Modern smartphones have their own features that could aid in keeping track of a phone. Many phones will have built-in trackers that allow you to locate a phone through a noisy alert or through GPS. You can have this feature enabled on your child’s phone and connect it to yours so that you’re actually able to locate their phone with this method.

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Setting up Safe Tracking

If having tracking enabled on your child’s phone is something you’re considering, there are some key points you should know beforehand.

Gaining Consent

There needs to be an open conversation between you and your child before you decide to install any kind of tracking app on their phone. It should never be installed without your child knowing there will be tracking software on their device and why it’s there.

Privacy Boundaries

It’s not a good idea to try and use tracking apps to snoop through your child’s personal accounts. Instead, you should be focusing on being able to help them in an emergency or help them avoid getting into dangerous situations online.

Using Geofencing

Geofencing is an important tool to utilize to make sure that your child can trust you with access to their phone activity. It allows you to set up boundaries on their phone so you can’t pry into every little detail of their activity; just the important information to help keep them safe.

Educating your Child

Tracking can still be an effective tool for keeping your child safe with them being fully aware of what tracking does. You should also make them aware of the potential implications of them trying to turn off the software or manipulate it.

Balancing Safety and Privacy

It may be difficult for a child to understand how location tracking and phone tracking aren’t a major invasion of privacy. It doesn’t have to be, however. Finding the right balance between implementing safety measures for the modern world and honoring your child’s right to privacy is key.

Age-Appropriate Tracking

As children get older, they may battle with the amount of independence they want you to give them. You should change how you track them as they get older and show you they are responsible.

Trust Building

You want your child to trust you to have access to their phone and location, and you want your child to understand that tracking doesn’t mean you don’t trust them. You should keep your word about how you use tracking, and they should keep it on during the agreed-upon times.


Tracking your child’s location safely and responsibly is possible. It can bring both of you a lot of peace of mind when it comes to trying to keep your child out of danger. You must remember that having this kind of access shouldn’t be abused or you may lose your child’s trust.

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