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How To Track My Boyfriend’s Android Phone In 2020

Looking forward to one of the best solutions when it comes to tracking your boyfriend’s android phone in 2020 is easy if you have the right tool in hand. It is convenient to do it easily because a trusted tool does all the tough work for you and protects your privacy in every way possible.

In this article we are going to suggest to you one of the finest methods through which you can easily track your boyfriend’s android phone, so just read till the end of this piece of information and decide on your own.

Spyic, The Best Mobile Phone Tracker For Android

You would probably have heard about this incredibly made tracking tool named Spyic because it has outclass features that come along with a really good price range. Girls who are worried and need to keep an eye on their boyfriend’s can now get to know how to track his location with Spyic.

You will not find anything better than this tool because it is reliable and requires you to execute a few simple commands to use this app for any purpose. This tool is all you need when it comes to ease of utilization as the instructions are really simple to get.

What Other Features Spyic Has To Offer?

Geo Fence

By utilizing this feature, users can track the spied android phone on a map where they need to mark a few places. Now whenever the spied device crosses those marked spots you will receive an alert.

What Other Features Spyic has to Offer

Apart from present locations, users can get to know about the past occasions of the spied device as well. Everything is done via remote processing and there is no need to gain access to the phone in any way while tracking the phone.

No Jailbreak or Rooting

The thing i love the most about this app is that while using it you don’t have to jailbreak or root the phone in any way. Both of these features take a lot of time and energy to execute so Spyic save you from a lot of trouble by making everything easy for you.

Legal Application

Spyic is a 100% legal application so in case you are thinking that it might probably be a trap or you would fall into legal issues then no worries. This application is 100% original and legal.

Social Media Application

Spyic doesn’t only allow you to track the device of your boyfriend but it also gives you access to the spied phone’s contact numbers names, you can keep track of call logs, see images, videos, check browser history, Social media accounts, read messages, and can even see the passwords with the right utilization of it’s keylogger.

Keylogger allows you to keep track of every single tap that has been made on the spied device. Whatsoever the owner of the target device will write, share and receive through his phone will automatically be recorded for you. It also reveals the passwords. What else is left behind after that?

Web-Based Interface

Spyic works really well because it has a dynamic web-based interface that lets you use this application with the help of any browser. There is no need to gain access to a certain kind of browser to use this application.

Subscription Plans And Live Demo

Both of these features cannot be overlooked. Spyic gives multiple subscription plans to users so you can pick the one that comes up to the level of your spying needs in the right way. Before going for the paid versions you can try a one month free trial to get to know about this app properly.

If you visit the official page of Spyic then you would be able to see the live demo to get to know about it’s functions in a better way. From this stage you can examine how Spyic works and whether you should go for it or not.


Apart from the fact that you need this app for Android devices, Spyic works really good with iOS devices as well. For Android you are supposed to touch the phone physically at least once to download the software in the target phone.

Spyic is really small in size, doesn’t take a lot of space in the spied phone and it doesn’t even drain the battery so we can easily say it’s an amazing thing to go for. After installation the app will disappear from the screen and the owner would not be able to find out about the application running in the background.

With iOS only iCloud account details are required so that’s a really pretty deal to go for in case you also need it to spy on an iOS. Just enter iCloud account details and leave the rest of the work on the application to deal with.

Tracking With The Help Of Spyic

Step 1. As the initial step just sign up for an account. After you are done with making one you will be asked to pick your spied phone either Android or iOS.

Step 2. Now pick from the subscription plans that suits you the best.

Step 3. As your spied device is an Android then you will be asked to download the application first.

Tracking With the Help of Spyic

Step 4. From here just press the option that says ‘Start’ so you would be able to track the chosen device.

Step 5. At the end now you will be taken to the dashboard from where you can easily select the live location tracking feature.


Without having any second thoughts we can say that Spyic is all you need if you are worried about your boyfriend’s whereabouts. By using this app you can easily find out where he is at the current moment as well as check the past locations also.

Just try this amazing spy application as it is one of the best selections in numerous countries as all over the world there are millions of users currently using it.

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