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Brief Definition Of Internet Of Things: The Internet of Things, or IoT (Internet of Things), is a scenario in which objects, animals, and people are assigned unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring any human interaction. -to-human or human-to-machine.

Origin Of IoT: In the industrial world, the Internet of Objects finds its roots, particularly in M2M ( Machine-to-Machine ) devices. These have enabled machines to exchange information without human intervention, by combining sensors integrated into industrial equipment, networks, identification, and traceability technologies such as the RFID.

The first large-scale applications saw the light of day in the mid-1990s, driven by the boom in GSM networks. The arrival of objects on the IP network, the Internet’s underlying protocol, is a little later. It started with the general public.

For the record, among the first connected objects is a Coca-Cola distributor located at Carnegie Mellon University. In the early 1980s, engineers connected it to the network to remotely check if cold drinks were in stock.

Also, in the USA, John Romkey presented in 1990 a toaster connected to the Internet. In France, the Violet company, known for its Nabaztag rabbits, was a pioneer with a connected lamp presented in 1994.

In 1997, futurist Paul Saffo published a visionary article on sensors, which he said would be the source of the next great wave of innovation in the IT sector. “What happens when we give eyes, ears, and other organs of perception to machines,” he asks. “Inevitably, we’re going to ask these machines to respond to what they perceive and manipulate the world around them.

“Finally, it was in 1999 that the concept of IoT appeared for the first time, used by Kevin Ashton, director of the Auto-ID centre at MIT ( Massachusetts Institute of Technology ).

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