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Mobile Apps write for us or Write a guest post about Apps of Android and ios to Tech Cults regarding the latest trending and upcoming app updates and also know how it benefits grow you as a professional content writer or author if you write for us.

If you have great insights, well-valued opinions, and reviews about the trending or upcoming apps or app reviews, it will be a great asset to our avid readers. So, don’t miss the opportunity to write for us on Mobile Apps.

Here Are The Definition And History Of A Mobile Application

Definition: A Mobile application like any computer program that your mobile phone runs to perform a task, display information media, facilitate communication, entertain or provide a service.

History: The year 1998, when the Swedish telecommunications company, Nokia, decided to incorporate a small application to their mobile phones so that its users could kill time during the daily waits in line at the supermarket, the bus, or on a train journey. It was a replica of an old video game that had caused a sensation in the 70s. Its name was ‘The Serpent’. Twenty years later, the world of mobile applications is much more complex and varied. Today they have become part of our daily lives, and we are connected to them almost permanently.

How Many Mobile Applications Are There?

In 2017, the number of mobile app downloads worldwide totalled 197 billion. This represents an increase of 32% compared to downloads in 2016 (149.3 billion). The forecast for the year 2021 is 353 billion downloads.

It’s an astronomical figure, but it starts to make sense when we know how many mobile applications are on the market. The App Store platform has 2.2 million of them, and Google Play offers no less than 3.8 million different mobile applications. They are followed in importance by Amazon and Microsoft.

You Can Write For Us On These Most Successful Mobile Applications

The most Successful mobile applications of two leading platforms, Apple and Google are

In App Store, These Are The Most Successful Mobile Apps

  1. Facebook
  2. Facebook Messenger
  3. Youtube
  4. Instagram
  5. WhatsApp Messenger
  6. Google maps
  7. Snapchat
  8. Skype
  9. WeChat
  10. QQ

While, On Google Play, These Are The Most Successful Mobile Apps

  1. Facebook
  2. WhatsApp Messenger
  3. Instagram
  4. Facebook Messenger
  5. Clean Master – Space Cleaner and Antivirus (from Chinese developer, Cheetah Mobile)
  6. Youtube
  7. Security Master – Antivirus (from Chinese developer, Cheetah Mobile)
  8. UC Browser – Browser and ad-blocker
  9. Snapchat
  10. Google Play Services

Mobile Apps – Guidelines Of The Article

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Mobile Apps – Benfits Of Writing A Guest Post To TechCults

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How To Submit Your Articles?

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