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Know More About YouTube, Engagement And Efficiency

What guides any entrepreneur using a platform like YouTube to promote their brand, products or services in 2020 is efficiency.

This is mainly measured by the following performance indicator: return on investment.

Well, a recent study conducted by Ekimetrics, a French company with an international vocation, specializing in data analysis, showed that YouTube allows companies that use this platform dedicated to the publication and sharing of videos to generate incremental sales. , which can be estimated at more than 20 € for a single euro invested, in the field of online sales.

What do we mean by “incremental sales”? These are additional sales driven by marketing actions, such as advertising or promotion. This therefore directly concerns the work and efficiency of your marketing team.

But this study also shows that YouTube is effective for other industries, such as the automotive industry and telecommunications, among others.

The heart of efficiency, on a social network platform, is commitment. In 2020, French people aged between 25 and 50 spend an average of thirty minutes a day watching content on YouTube.

It’s that moment, those few minutes that people spend watching videos for fun, to have a good time, that brands should try to aim for because it is conducive to optimal engagement and allows for a significant number of views.

And still, YouTube announces impressive figures for the start of the year: in March, for example, more than 40 million individuals have viewed at least one video on the platform! And globally, YouTube reports more than 2 billion monthly visitors. This leaves you wondering.

We will see in this article the best solutions to reach your audience on YouTube and therefore make the most of your efforts in terms of budget and energy spent.

To get started, let’s take a look at YouTube Select, a new ad serving program launched by Google – the parent company of the video-sharing platform – just a few months ago.

Next, we’ll look at more organic methods that let you reap the rewards of its YouTube efforts.

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YouTube Select

In fact, this recent tool called YouTube Select is a kind of new version of the “Google Preferred” and “Prime Packs” solutions. It will give advertisers more flexibility and ease in reaching audiences that they cannot find anywhere else. And the American video-sharing network adds that it is a “premium” solution.

First of all, on YouTube, we noticed that people who watched the platform used their television more and more. Thus, in the United States, the majority of “viewers” watch their favourite video channels on their TV screen.

So, thanks to YouTube Select, brands will be able to target their audiences.

According to YouTube Ads manager Vishal Sharma, YouTube Select will allow advertisers more flexibility to achieve their targets and goals, while having more certainty about their return on investment. The purpose of YouTube Select is to ensure that advertisers sponsor the right content, those that are popular with the target audience while reducing financial risks as much as possible.

This tool will therefore give brands the opportunity to reach their audience with more precision, using all the platforms offered by the American firm: YouTube Music, YouTube Sport, or even YouTube Kids.

YouTube Select will work to consolidate the content into what it calls “lineups”, which are tailor-made, and by market, for topics such as beauty and fashion, entertainment, technology, sports. , etc.

YouTube promises that with this new tool, purchases of advertising space will be safe for interested businesses. Because these will have access to advanced controls of suitability with their brand, as well as the possibility of broadcasting only advertisements on videos classified by an algorithm and verified by the man according to the duration of viewing.

Since this advertising solution is relatively new, YouTube has yet to make a statement or take stock on the number of advertisers who have decided to use YouTube Select for their videos or its eventual success. It is therefore a case to be followed.

Otherwise, if you don’t have the budget to run advertising campaigns with YouTube Ads and all of their formats, luckily there are plenty of other ways you can improve your brand’s visibility and engagement and thereby, maximize your chances of selling your products or services.

Regularly Create Unique And Shareable Video Content

Chances are, you will never create a viral video, and that might not be desirable if your business isn’t ready to grow quickly anyway. Because it is indeed mission impossible for a small or medium-sized e-commerce company backed by a modest website to manage millions of customers at once, suddenly and unexpectedly! However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to create good video content for your brand in order to get a significant number of views.

To do this, you must already understand your audience and be able to respond to their needs.

Once you’ve found your niche, spend your time creating how-to guides, FAQs, tutorials, or behind-the-scenes videos of your business that will appeal to your channel followers. The purpose of video content is to explain things to your customers or just to entertain them. If you give them something useful, they’re sure to become more involved in your channel, and leave your thumbs up and comments. Keep in mind that the most shared videos are those that are no longer than 2 minutes.

Understand Your Audience

To “engage” your YouTube audience and get feedback, you first need to be sure you understand them. You can’t increase the engagement rate of your YouTube videos if you offer the wrong type of content to the people you are targeting. Understanding who your subscribers are, what they want to consume, and how they view your videos is, therefore, an essential indicator. To achieve this, you will need to study the demographics of your audience, spend time analyzing the data made available by YouTube Analytics, or any other relevant tool, like BuzzSumo or Social Blade, and then act like a psychologist.

This will help you design the promotion strategies that will best appeal to your target audience and convert most of your traffic into leads. Keep in mind that video content is an indirect method of generating sales, so you don’t have to focus exclusively on your business. So if you are as passionate as your fans are about the industry you operate in, you have to show it and prove it. Analyzing data about your subscribers won’t be enough.

Experiment, Analyze And Implement

Understanding your audience also means knowing what type of device (source) they prefer to browse from. If the majority of your visitors like mobile, it will be best to optimize your video content for mobile use. In addition to that, YouTube offers some very useful statistics, especially on the average viewing time per device. These analytics reports will help you plan your content strategy based on the most commonly used device as well as the level of engagement for each type of device.

Depending on your data, especially those relating to the main traffic sources of your YouTube channel, you can optimize the design of your channel, by working on seemingly innocuous elements, such as your thumbnails and of course your content, in order to better communicate with your target audience.

Don’t underestimate the importance of miniatures. The best-performing videos on YouTube have been proven to have unique thumbnails, tailored for a single video. So take care of your thumbnails, with a high-resolution image and short text capable of attracting the attention of Internet users.

Another thing to think about for your strategy is your overseas subscribers, in the event that for example, you are selling some of your products overseas. Take the data relating to the origin of your customers, or use YouTube Analytics again to find out more about the nationality of your subscribers. If you have a significant number of followers from one or more countries, you should consider adding captions or transcripts to improve their user experience.

Detail Your Video Descriptions As Much As Possible

We have said it before in this article, but never forget that YouTube is owned by Google. This means that every video you post has the potential to quickly become visible on the world’s largest search engine, especially if important fields regarding your video description are filled in correctly.

So, above all, do not skip this crucial part, where it is a question of entering information concerning the tags, category and title. The more relevant details you add, the higher the chances that your YouTube channel will be discovered by the right prospects.

In addition, if the right information appears on the Google results page, you are more likely to attract visitors and increase the number of views of your video.

Create Fan-made Videos For Your Audience

YouTube marketing is all about connecting with your audience. Instead of just posting videos that showcase your work, products, and services, why not hand it over to a few of your loyal fans or customers for a special video? Referral marketing is generally an extremely effective strategy, which also works for YouTube. To make this work, you can simply ask your best fans to post a short video of themselves on the platform, interacting with your products.

This type of video often hits the mark on YouTube because it tells a story in an authentic way. Having fans touting your brand’s merits is bound to boost its credibility. In addition, all your most assiduous followers will dream of being part of this type of project and it can help create some emulation around your channel.

Tell A Story

As we mentioned before, the goal of marketing on YouTube is to get closer to its target audience. In order to attract long-term loyal customers and drive engagement with your brand, you need to show your followers that you are human and that they mean a lot to you.

Stories inspired by real facts from your personal life have the potential to go viral. So why not tell the story of your brand through a series of video clips, for example? Data visualization and authentic storytelling are the hottest trends on YouTube right now, and it won’t have escaped your notice that many YouTubers at one point or another decide to indulge in their privacy, just to rock the world. sensitive cord among their subscribers. It’s a method that works. If you’re telling a story about your brand, or yourself, don’t hesitate to include your customers so they can share your video on their own networks.

Create A Video Landing Page

The world of web design has seen incredible progress over the past few years. The “parallax scrolling”, the “responsive” and the “flat design” are good examples. But a “landing page” in video format is perhaps the most interesting innovation and it inevitably catches the eye of Internet users. So, if you want your video to rank and drive traffic to your site, you need to consider creating an engaging video landing page.

Assess The Level Of Engagement Of The Videos We Offer

If you’ve already had the time to try at least some of the suggestions we’ve made above, it’s time to check the status of your video content. A critical aspect of video marketing is keeping a close eye on the data and figuring out what types of videos work best with your audience. Here are some sample data that you will need to pay attention to:

  • What kinds of videos get your fans’ attention, and which get very little engagement?
  • How long do visitors watch your videos?
  • How do visitors interact with your content?

Did you know that YouTube generally shows videos with low audience retention less frequently in searches and suggestions? In other words, knowing how engaging your videos are is essential in order to gain visibility on YouTube.

With all of these tips, you are normally set to produce relevant content on YouTube that means engagement and positive impact for your online business. To increase the number of subscribers to your channel and the number of views, don’t forget to use YouTube Ads and in particular, YouTube Select to boost your visibility, especially at the birth of your channel. Especially since advertising campaigns on YouTube are less expensive than on Google or Facebook.

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