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Mastering Psychometric Tests: Techniques and Strategies for Success

What are psychometric tests?

Psychometric tests, often known as aptitude tests, are intended to measure and assess numeracy, logical reasoning, and comprehension skills.

They are a useful tool for companies to sift through enormous volumes of graduate employment applications quickly and cost-effectively.

Psychometric tests are a common part of graduate job applications, but they can still surprise students and graduates. Here’s how to prepare.

Here are 9 techniques to prepare for a psychometric test:

1. Preparation is crucial.

Preparing for psychometric assessment tests while also juggling other commitments such as university examinations or full/part-time graduate jobs can be difficult, but make sure to schedule enough study time in advance.

The most effective way to improve test performance rates is to practice as many sample questions (created by Chartered Occupational Psychologists) as possible.

2. Plan your revision time.

Make a timetable to arrange when and what you’ll practice, as well as for how long. While ensuring that regular breaks are arranged, a revision schedule will keep you from procrastinating, and there is nothing more fulfilling than crossing activities off your to-do list.

3. Recreate examination conditions.

Carrying out mock exams under the same time and noise limits, as well as using the instruments allowed in your actual assessment (e.g., rough working paper and a calculator), will prepare you for what to expect on the day.

4. Complete your homework.

While the competencies sought by graduate employers often coincide, the aptitude test providers used in their graduate recruitment efforts can vary in style and complexity.

Do extensive research on both the graduate employer and the graduate job you are applying for to better understand the kind of examinations they generally want graduates to take.

5. Spend time reviewing the questions you got wrong.

It’s easy to reward yourself with extended breaks after passing an exam, but it’s far more important to discipline yourself to go over the questions you answered incorrectly right away.

After a few practice rounds, you will quickly recognize which types of psychometric exams you find most difficult; be sure to focus on improving these specific areas with plenty of question practice.

6. Refresh your numerical skills.

Numerical reasoning examinations are the most popular aptitude tests, requiring graduates to do and compute addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, percentages, and ratios.

7. Develop an effective exam technique.

Developing a sound exam approach is critical because it allows you to adopt and implement effective time management abilities.

In the context of psychometric examinations, this will entail working swiftly yet accurately and without spending too much time on any single question, which can only be developed through question practice.

8. Read the instructions thoroughly.

Many grads attempt to take these tests as quickly as possible, jumping right into evaluations without thoroughly reading the directions.

Reviewing the instructions properly will provide you with all of the key information you need to know, such as how long the test is, how many questions there are, and when it will be completed.

9. Answer the example questions.

Psychometric examinations often begin with some sample questions.

It may be tempting to skip this section and go on to the actual test; however, it is strongly advised that you complete these samples to become comfortable with the style and format of the questions you will encounter.

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Taking personality tests

There are numerous tests, like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), which assigns you to one of 16 personality groups, and the Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ), which assesses your personality to ensure that it is compatible with the job.

You’ll normally be presented with statements expressing various ways of feeling or acting, and asked to rate your agreement on a two, five, or seven-point scale. There are no right or incorrect answers; this, combined with the fact that forced pressure decreases accuracy and discourages honesty, means that personality tests are rarely administered under exam conditions.

While there is no time limit, you should plan to spend 15 to 30 minutes completing 50 to 200 questions, usually online. The easiest approach to prepare is to practice personality tests so you become comfortable with their format and questions. Make sure you’ve read the job description, understand what the company is looking for, and how the test will assess this.

Before taking a personality test, ensure that you:

Take the test in a peaceful, familiar environment. Read the directions carefully and pay close attention to what’s being asked. Stay calm by breathing slowly and deeply. Work briskly and accurately, eliminating any questions that you don’t understand. Be honest and consistent in your responses while taking a personality assessment test.

Numerical reasoning

These examinations evaluate your perception of charts, graphs, data, or statistics, as well as your ability to work with numbers quickly and accurately. Numerical reasoning tests can also evaluate your understanding of rates, trends, ratios, percentages, and currency conversions.

Verbal reasoning.

This exam will put your understanding of textual material, argument evaluation, and concept communication to the test. Before responding to comprehension questions, you must first read brief sections of text. Verbal psychometric tests measure your ability to think constructively and use written information to draw accurate conclusions. Some tests also check your spelling and grammar.

Abstract reasoning

This is your opportunity to demonstrate your capacity to learn new things rapidly. Abstract reasoning tests assess your ability to identify a set of rules and apply them to a new scenario, as well as your ability to follow information or recognize patterns. Questions frequently include a series of photos, each somewhat different from the one before it. To complete the series, you must select another image from among several alternatives. These aptitude tests are especially frequent for IT, science, and engineering positions.

Situational Judgment.

⁸You will be given a fictional work situation and asked to select your recommended plan of action from a list of possibilities. You may be asked to select the most and least effective responses, rank the responses in order of effectiveness, or select simply the most effective plan of action, so read the directions carefully.

Error checking

Data checking tests assess how quickly and accurately you can identify errors. They are common for clerical and data entry positions. Meanwhile, fault-diagnosis tasks put your logical problem-solving skills to the test. This type of psychometric assessment is frequently used to recruit for technical positions that involve detecting and repairing defects in electronic and mechanical systems.

Your university’s careers and employability office may offer psychometric test instruction. Platforms like Mercer | Mettl also aids to the best quality assessment of candidates and selects the profiles best suitable according to the job description.

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