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New Entrant Into The West Virginia Online Casino Market

West Virginia’s web-based gambling scene has recently expanded, with a new brand joining the fray alongside established competitors.

This means that players should be able to benefit from increased marketing efforts from all online casino operators to win their loyalty, and also paints a positive picture of the current state of play within the industry itself.

A fresh arrival is here

The latest addition to the line-up of the best West Virginia online casino sites found here is PointsBet. Founded in Australia but with a growing presence on US soil, PointsBet is primarily focused on providing sportsbook services to gamblers across the state.

Customers will be able to place wagers on all games and events in a variety of popular sporting pursuits and leagues, including the NFL, NBA and MLB, to name but a few.

Furthermore, PointsBet is aiming to attract gamblers with the promise of a better sports wagering experience than is available elsewhere, with the speed and versatility of its platform at the top of the agenda.

Of course this is all positive-sounding in principle, but it will be interesting to see how it plays out in practice once this brand begins its campaign in earnest in West Virginia.

A lucrative opportunity

Online casinos have only been available in West Virginia for the past three years, and yet in this short span of time the market has exploded, with over half a billion dollars in revenue generated by sports betting activities alone in the past 12 months.

This represents a 30 per cent annual increase in activity, and is especially impressive when you take into account the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

PointsBet is no doubt well aware of the scale of the market in this state, and is expecting that there is still plenty more room for revenue growth so that it can take its own slice of the pie going forward.

An old hand

As mentioned, this brand is already providing online betting services in other parts of the US, as well as more widely on the international market.

Players in New Jersey, Michigan and Indiana are just some of those that can sample what PointsBet has to offer, so customers in West Virginia can be confident that the company knows how to serve its target audience well.

In addition to the sports betting solution, the PointsBet site launched last month also has its very own online casino section, providing all sorts of games and activities including slots and roulette.

So overall this is a compelling package which will ideally lead to a decent injection of competition to West Virginia’s robust and rapidly growing web-based gambling industry.

A fight to get noticed

It is worth pointing out that PointsBet will still need to pump some serious marketing cash into its West Virginian launch, since two of its biggest established rivals have settled into commanding positions already.

First up is BetMGM, a site which is backed by one of the best known names in land-based casinos and so carries a good reputation with consumers. Because of this recognition, it is seen as trustworthy and definitely lives up to expectations.

The BetMGM site also has its own sportsbook service, in addition to over 400 online slots games, and of course has a smartphone app for people who want to gamble when out and about. The 100% deposit match bonus worth up to $1,000 is also noteworthy, and high levels of customer satisfaction pay testament to the quality of the experience.

Then there is the DraftKings online casino, which is another mainstream brand in the international online casino market. The site has ample slots, as well as games like blackjack and roulette. There are even live dealer games, which some players prefer to their purely virtual counterparts.

Another reason for DraftKings to be your online casino of choice in West Virginia is that it has an excellent Fantasy Sports product, which is where it got started in the first place, so there really is something for everyone.

An economic advantage

As West Virginia sees newcomers enter the online casino ecosystem, it should be noted that this will help to generate taxes to pay for services that everyone will use, as well as developing plenty of in-state jobs for broader economic well being.

It seems certain that PointsBet will fit nicely into this niche, and the figures for gambling revenues in 2021 will no doubt reflect this.

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