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PSM Course And Training – Going Through The Basics

PSM Training or Professional Scrum Master Training is that one training which covers all the principles and processes and theory surrounding the Scrum network and framework, on which the Scrum world stands and makes all the participants understand the basics and fundamentals of the Scrum and Agile world of Enterprise along with what lies at the core of this sector.

Number of Days Required For The Course

This course generally takes around two days for its completion. It is expected that the course will be over within two days. If not, it might extend to a couple of more days. This course will not only boost you up but also open up new horizons for different career choices.

This Professional Scrum Master Course is aimed at helping the participants to understand what is Scrum at the basics, fully and the working procedure. This course is expected to help the attendees gain a profound and intense knowledge and understanding of leadership so that they can become efficient and qualified Scrum Master. It also helps the participants learn the methods of effectively lead a team, understand the assigned roles as the Scrum Master, settle intra-team member conflicts, and increase the overall efficiency of both the Scrum and team.

What Are the Necessary PreRequisites?

The Professional Scrum Master Course does not require any special pre-requisite or experience or training background. Even a newbie can enroll for PSM training.

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What Is the Eligibility Required For PSM Course?

For this Professional Scrum Master Training Course, the attendees are expected to be linked to Scrum teams in one way or another. This certification is necessary and useful for managers and members of Scrum teams, for members who are going to join the Scrum team, and for those who want to take their Professional Scrum Master Certification professionally and pursue it all the way through.

What Are the Skills Covered?

After this course, one is able to hone their skills in designing the Scrum framework and smoothly handle risk management.

PSM Training is an innovative and unique way of learning new techniques to become a Scrum Master. This course teaches about how one Scrum Master leads his/her team to the most effective and efficient end to get the best result. This training is a combination of both team-based work and experience to work in a Scrum and Agile Enterprise and what exists at the core of the Enterprise. Participants learn and think about the new methods taught so that they can work more efficiently after returning to their workplace. This course also provides the benefit of attempting one free exam at the global level, which is the Professional Scrum Master I Certification Exam (PSM I).

After completion of the course, all the participants of the PSM Course will get a password to log in to the free attempt of their PSM I exam. PSM attendants who will give the PSM I exam, within 14 days of receiving their password, will be granted a second free attempt of the PSM I exam if they fail to score 85% in the first one. The participants are also entitled to get a 40% discount on the PSM II assessment classes after they crack their PSM I exam.

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