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The Best Free WordPress Themes

Are you thinking of creating your website or renewing an existing one? There are countless themes and free WordPress templates from which you can choose. To help you with the best selection, we have dived in all and we offer you the best.

When you install and configure WordPress for the first time, you will have verified that it comes with the default theme as standard, and that will be the one that the platform offers by default at that moment, currently the one of 2020 if you just installed it.

A theme or template is all that contributes to the appearance, style and design of the website. Basic elements such as design, fonts and colors are included here, but you can also add custom elements such as headers, sliding images and homepage widgets that are integrated.

While you can think of this as a theme for your website, WordPress uses the term ‘template’ in a more specific way. A theme is responsible for all pages and publications on the web, as opposed to the template that offers a specific design within that theme for a particular page or group of pages.

Although the default theme is very suitable for many environments, you may want to customize certain features for your website or contemplate aspects that the default theme does not offer.

Most of the themes, including the eight that we show below, are available as a fully functional free version in the WordPress repository, so you can easily access them from your own WordPress dashboard.

Many also offer premium paid versions with additional features and functionalities, and you will see the extras offered by each of them if you consult the topics we offer below.


It is a great theme that currently triumphs among small businesses, personal websites, local businesses or those very focused on electronic commerce, where it stands out for its numerous customization possibilities.

Its main page is very clean, which is possible to change with backgrounds, colors in the fonts of letters, as well as add sections with effects to the home page. Another aspect to consider is that Shapely is well structured for SEO.

You can use it with all the most popular widgets like Yoast SEO, Jetpack, WooCommerce, or even Google Analytics. Within what is the documentation of the subject, you will find illustrative videos for its implementation and customization.

It is very mobile friendly and adaptable to any screen size. Its great success that has been reaped among WordPress users may be the only impediment to ending up being the theme chosen for your next web project.


Based on the fact that Storefront was designed by WooCommerce developers, it should be said that it has a deep integration with this plugin, in addition to many other extensions.

It offers various color and structure options to customize the store as well as the widget areas. Developers love cleaning the code that makes it easy to customize it to your liking if you have some light knowledge.

If not, you can always turn to Storefront Powerpack that will help you in a more graphic way to achieve amazing results.


If you like to tell stories or you are a journalist and you are thinking of creating your own blog or channel to express your humble opinion, you have reached the WordPress theme that may interest you most.

It cannot be a coincidence that the number of daily downloads of Colormag comes to exceed, on occasion, the number of 5,000 worldwide, for its particular way of highlighting various topics on the main cover of the web.

With regard to the premium version, you will find that it offers multiple color and font options, custom menus and a host of additional features that make some renowned publications and editorial groups use it daily.

Blossom Coach

As its name suggests, it is a very appropriate WordPress theme for coaching and all those who offer services of this type, be it consulting, personal training, training classes or health tips.

You will find numerous options that are enabled from the Blossom Coach sidebar , with more than 600 sources to choose from, and dedicated sections very focused on handling customers, services, calls, as well as developing contact forms.

Construction Landing Page

As it is possible to appreciate in the images, it is a free WordPress theme that you can use during those periods in which you are working on your website due to drastic or large-scale implementations.

Its main screen makes it clear that your website is under construction, with a contact form and other series of outstanding information so that visitors or customers can contact through various alternative ways.

The options for call buttons and query forms offered by Construction Landing Page , allow you to keep in touch with those who visit the web, even for the first time, and do not get the feeling of not receiving support.


Very focused on speed and usability, GeneratePress is a very light theme that offers very interesting performance to get pages to load at high speed by not overloading the main page of additional elements.

It allows to take full advantage of the new block editor with which greater control is achieved over the creation of content and the possibility of exposing them through different formats.

GeneratePress is very customizable, uses HTML / CSS language and is translated into more than 25 languages ​​by the user community, which gives an idea of ​​the great acceptance it has.

In total, it has 9 widget areas, 5 menu locations, 5 different sidebar designs and many more customizations. It is compatible with all the most outstanding WordPress plugins, such as WooCommerce.


Somehow, Cali focuses on highlighting the graphic material and the succession of high quality photographs to a greater extent. That is why it lends itself a lot to be used by fashion sites, online magazines, travel blogs or travel stores.

The Cali theme offers a full-width main carousel on the main page, with the possibility of displaying featured images with links to sections that interest depending on the circumstances.

We have the integration of MailChimp, as well as various social networks to be able to share information comfortably. You can add widgets or blocks where the fonts overlap the images to give some vividness to the web portal.


Another subject very focused on the area of ​​photography, is to offer a clean and clear interface where the image stands out especially. In fact, it has a great acceptance among photographers and artists who want to show their works or photographic projects.

The FotoGraphy theme has a slider with which you can quickly move from one photo to another or even album. It is also possible to add brief testimonials of each project.

There are numerous designs and galleries to choose from, if what you want is to be able to offer a different look for each project. If it turns out that you market your images as an iStock, this WordPress theme can greatly facilitate many of your tasks.

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