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The Future Of Internet Customer Service

Any new development in technology is bound to bring excitement and a moment of joy for everyone related. The rise of smart chabots, self-service avenues, cryptocurrencies, and growing scale of Artificial Intelligence – all of this together is a beacon of hope and poses greater room for development whilst making the routine customer service easier.

However, new developments come with new concerns, and the fear of the unknown persists. Being accustomed to entirely new technology is costly to adopt and takes a steep learning curve to climb as well. Besides, there’s this ages-old myth with a hint of reality to it; is it going to steal the human jobs? Is this the time when robots take over? Well, No!

Most, if not all, new technological developments have been instantly adopted by major businesses. Moreover, customer support departments as in the case of several high-end service providers have surpassed customer satisfaction metrics by adopting the latest technology in a timely yet effective manner. Whether you want to bargain Spectrum internet prices, a service outage, a crappy internet service, or you can’t find the updated channel guide, your provider’s customer service has answers to it all. Here I list down a few takeaways customer support has for the times to come.

Video Conferencing Is Bound To Grow

Eye contact is a powerful tool and customer service agents can take advantage of the opportunities it comes with. More humane contact facilitates in gaining trust and helps the customer understand better by incorporating bodily gestures along with vocal instructions. It is easier to show empathy and truly understand a customer’s situation, thus leading to a more effective way of resolving those issues. The returns on investment have been significantly higher with more face-to-face interactions.

Instantaneous Chatting Is Taking Over Traditional Email

Email took time to respond and time is what we don’t have and can’t afford to lose since time has always been of the essence. Only this fact is growing in the importance of the years, hence, the audience doesn’t have much time waiting for you to respond to an email you sent ages ago.

Real-time messaging lets the folks on both sending and receiving end to understand and get their issues resolved instantly. This is almost as big of a paradigm shift as it was going from snail mail to e-mail, and now from e-mail to real-time messaging. In order to keep up with the trend, a business needs to stay equipped with the latest tools and technologies to match the pace of consumer development.

Bots And AI To The Professional Rescue

Let’s get one thing straight first, robots and artificial intelligence are here to help and not replace us. Bots are the next most intelligent means of effective communication if backed by excellent technology and great programming. With their ability to learn and grow from the experience, bots can answer to a point where reps will only have to intervene where bots fail to reason based on historical behavior and the questioning streak of a consumer.

Self Service Will Be All The Rage

Self-service has existed ever since someone wrote a user manual for the first time. And with greater developments with bots and Artificial Intelligence, newer avenues are growing in the self-service department.

These developments are bound to affect not just customer service but also other paradigms of our lives. It has now been normalized to the extent that people now expect to have more possibilities of self-service in their regular interactions with businesses.

Customer Satisfaction Will Be A Success Defining Metric

With its growing importance, customer satisfaction will reach a point in importance where it will be a core-differentiating factor between businesses. Consumers will make the choice based on this metric. Businesses will ensure competitive advantages based on this factor and it will gain a point of prime importance in business operations. So preparing ahead of what’s bound to come is never a bad idea.

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