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The Tell-Tale Signs Of Weak Enterprise Security You Need Stay Abreast Of

Cyber security is a vital concern for any modern business, and weak enterprise security can leave your business vulnerable to all sorts of headaches and liabilities.

If you want to avoid data breaches or cyberattacks, enterprise security strategies can help you avert disaster and empower your staff to surf the web without fear.

From maintaining proper malware software to opting for Kubernetes cluster management, read on to discover all the surefire signs your business suffers from weak enterprise security.

Your anti-malware program needs maintenance

Installing anti-malware software is essential in preventing cyber threats. Anti-malware software needs to be maintained and used correctly to work.

Whatever software you choose, it usually comes with a regular anti-malware scan. If your scans happen to coincide with business hours, some employees might cancel the scan because it slows down the computer when running.

Your malware protection needs to be updated regularly so the software can implement new data regarding cyber threats that get neutralized.

You aren’t adhering to Kubernetes cluster management best practices

Before treading into Kubernetes cluster management best practices, it’s critical to master the basics. A great place to start is with the question: what exactly is a Kubernetes cluster?

A Kubernetes cluster refers to sets of node machines that run containerized applications. These clusters allow you to run containers across several different devices at once. You can do so using either physical hardware or virtual means like the cloud.

Every Kubernetes cluster has something called the desired state. It controls the schedule in which workloads and applications run and other configuration details like images and available resources.

Kubernetes management is how IT professionals manage any given group of Kubernetes clusters. Tools like these can simplify Kubernetes cluster management and simultaneously guarantee enterprise-grade security.

Managing Kubernetes clusters help return to the desired state whenever an application fails. It provides equilibrium for your containerized applications. Standardizing cluster creation helps with general troubleshooting, operational runbooks, and the reduction of operational errors.

A multi-cluster strategy also reduces the breadth and scope of policy and regulation compliance for each cluster, taking the guesswork out of all that pesky red tape

To prevent cybercriminals from hacking into your network and accessing sensitive data, you should ensure that your Kubernetes security is up to snuff.

Your team does not have any enterprise security training

It does not matter how successful your business is; if your employees do not receive cybersecurity training, your company is at risk.

Employees who receive cybersecurity training should also routinely refresh their enterprise security education.

Cybersecurity awareness is an essential part of any successful enterprise security strategy.

Employees should know about all the dangers cybercriminals pose to their personal information and sensitive company information.

You can hire a third party to handle cybersecurity training. Alternatively, you can train employees yourself. This training will usher in a proactive security culture for the whole company and rescues everyone from enterprise security breaches.

You do not have any firewalls

If your network does not include a firewall, it is only a matter of time before hackers get their hands on sensitive data.

Firewalls are cybersecurity tools that filter through your network traffic and prevent anyone outside the network from accessing your data. Most routers and modems come equipped with firewalls of their own, but they cannot safeguard large networks used for business purposes.

Ensure that you have a firewall that secures your whole network from start to finish. It is best to guarantee that an IT professional installs your firewall protection to confirm that it is working correctly.

You’re using open wireless networks

Wireless internet connections are a great way to provide all your employees with internet access. While it costs less, using open wireless networks can present a big risk for your business.

If you use an open network, anyone within your network’s range can connect to it. With a few simple tools, cybercriminals can access outgoing and incoming data. They can also attack your network and any device which uses that network.

You must ensure all your wireless networks are secured with solid passwords and that you change said passwords regularly.

There are unsecured mobile devices in use

Almost everyone uses mobile devices to stay connected these days. However, if your employees use unsecured smartphones and tablets to connect to your network, you could experience a core-shaking security breach.

If those devices are lost or stolen, saved passwords can enable cybercriminals to access sensitive company data. If an employee downloads a compromised mobile app, it can quickly spread across your entire network and wreak absolute havoc.

Your key takeaways

Over the past two years, cybersecurity threats have only grown more prevalent, forcing businesses everywhere to make enterprise security a top priority.

That’s why now, more than ever, you need to be cognizant of any gaps in your cybersecurity strategy.

If your company is dealing with weak enterprise security, it is only a matter of time before your business becomes the victim of costly and damaging cybercrime.

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